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  1. Chaunie

    Phragmipedium Susan Kulhavi (Saint Ouen ‘Ice Queen’ JC/AOS x andrettae ‘Ghostly’)

    Super! I love the balance, the color and you did a great job catching the crystalline quality.
  2. Chaunie

    Epi kockii

    I think it could be awarded in the future. I looked at the previous awards. With a flower like this I would recommend that you put a bit of polish into your presentation. (Well, OK, this is always a good idea, even if you have a flower that can be seen from across a crowded room.) Maybe it...
  3. Chaunie

    Paph. Jacqueline’s Spring Moon ‘Pacific Heights’ AM/HOS

    Thanks for the information! I'm sure I've seen HOS before and thought it was a typo. Now I will understand when I see it.
  4. Chaunie

    Paph. Jacqueline’s Spring Moon ‘Pacific Heights’ AM/HOS

    May 5, 2018 - 13.7 cm natural spread, but that was for 'Slipper Zone Well I Never' from the AOS. I don't know what the HOS is - I originally thought HOS was a typo, but of course there is always more for me to learn.
  5. Chaunie

    Maybe ready for ID suggestions

    Thanks PeteM. Yes, I can see that it is Frank Smith. I appreciate your help identifying it!
  6. Chaunie

    Maybe ready for ID suggestions

    Thank you MaxC. We still miss the person this belonged to. She was very active in our orchid society and was just ready to retire. Looking at the photo of Tiny Jungle's Frank Smith I can see that this is indeed what it must be. That photo shows both a fully opened flower and one that is just...
  7. Chaunie

    Maybe ready for ID suggestions

    I received this Phrag as a small one growth seedling in 2017 from a friend's estate - she passed away very unexpectedly. There was no label. It has two growths now and the second growth is larger than the growths on any of my other Phrags. The flower looked like it had a brown pouch as it...
  8. Chaunie

    Phrag. besseae f. flavum

    Thanks so much for mentioning temperature. I hadn't considered that as an issue, and my greenhouse gets up into the high 80, low 90s pretty regularly in the summer. I will try making some changes on where my bessies spend their time during the summer and hope that helps!
  9. Chaunie

    Phrag. Ruby Slippers

    If you move your flower as far away as is reasonable from your backdrop, the backdrop can then be out of focus and will just look black. If you can go to local AOS judging, introduce yourself to the awards photographer and ask them if you could watch them take photos next time. If the...
  10. Chaunie

    Phrag. besseae: Differences between wild types?

    Olaf, have you considered Timber Press? I don't know anything about book publishing, only that Mary Gerritsen and Ron Parsons have their books published there. It would be wonderful if your book was available again and in an English language version.