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  1. Jon in SW Ohio

    Hoping to contact John Barsalou- identify phrag photo

    Got the message, how can I help?
  2. Jon in SW Ohio

    As requested...redux!

    How on earth do you grow an african violet that well??? Mine never did anywhere close to that well!
  3. Jon in SW Ohio

    ID please!

    The friend looks a bit like Jogjae
  4. Jon in SW Ohio

    ID please!

    Looks identical to my Veronique Bert
  5. Jon in SW Ohio

    The Marine Addiction Spreads...

    Yup, live rock that's been curing for about 2 years in what was my propagation tank. Other than that I'm using a Reef Octopus Protein Skimmer and doing 20% weekly water changes. I went bare bottom on this tank and that really seems to help keep detritus down.
  6. Jon in SW Ohio

    The Marine Addiction Spreads...

    Finally got around to taking some pics of my "new" 29g Saltwater fish tank thanks to a snow day off work. It currently houses a Yellow Tail Blue Damselfish, a Flame Angelfish, and a Royal Gramma. The Gramma hasn't figured out my connection to the food yet, so he spends most of his time hiding...
  7. Jon in SW Ohio

    Anyone recognize this thick leaved Maxillaria??

    I got this as a mis-labelled Maxillaria a few years back and wonder if anyone knows what species it is. Maxillaria crassifolia is the closest one I've found, but have never seen that species in person to compare them. It is almost constantly in bloom and the flowers last about two weeks with no...
  8. Jon in SW Ohio

    Selenipedium aequinoctiale

    I can't remember his trick to them either, but I think you are thinking of Fluorite.
  9. Jon in SW Ohio

    After removing rotten parts!!!

    I swab plant cuts with Neosporin.
  10. Jon in SW Ohio

    Wanted: Paph. Gemstone Randschild

    I have two clones from the late Tom Cox who got both of them awarded that originally came from Rands. I've had a waiting list going for a long time, but the plants just don't prosper like they did when Tom had them and I'm lucky to get a growth a year. Neither have bloomed anytime recently...
  11. Jon in SW Ohio

    The person below me game......

    False...I live on a bachelors diet and didn't get too many desserts for the holidays. TPBM is feeling pretty optimistic about 2009 after an unsettling end of 2008
  12. Jon in SW Ohio

    Oak Variety

    So hard to tell without a leaf or acorn...but here's a good resource:
  13. Jon in SW Ohio

    Phrag. klotzscheanum

    A nice little species you don't see too often. I waited a few days to see if the flower would open more, but this seems to be as good as it's gonna get on this first bloom. It's a very grey day outside, so hard to get good pics...
  14. Jon in SW Ohio


    Funny story actually.... A buddy of mine kept finding those rock hard cones in his angelfish tank and couldn't figure out what they were. I assured him they weren't angelfish eggs and he swore there was nothing else in the tank and this freaked his girlfriend out a bit. Sure enough when I...
  15. Jon in SW Ohio

    Newly Awarded Complex Paph

    Is Russ getting into complex Paphs now?
  16. Jon in SW Ohio

    Now Playing - Films!

    Thanks to this thread I've now seen True Romance and Memento, and tonight I'll be watching Following. Keep them coming!
  17. Jon in SW Ohio

    My clam

    Makes me miss my crocea, but in a tank as small as mine I couldn't dose calcium and alkalinity fast enough to keep up. One day when I have a bigger tank a nice maxima is definitely on the list!
  18. Jon in SW Ohio

    paph identification

    I agree with Paph. Invincible
  19. Jon in SW Ohio

    Now Playing - Films!

    LOL, I thought Forgetting Sarah Marshall was hilarious and the girl I watched it with refers to it as the porn we watched... Shawshank Redemption will always be my #1 movie