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  1. Scooby5757

    Phrag. Fox Valley Fireball 'Rubythroat' Update

    Awesome!!!! :clap:
  2. Scooby5757

    Rutgers University Greenhouse

    The Luster is just coming up to size. I it got from Dave Off at Waldor. It's from Joe Grazaffi originally.
  3. Scooby5757

    3D Printed Neofinetia Pots

    Very cool! I just wish they showed an actual photo instead of a 3D rendering and told you the material. I wonder how he digitally draws and cuts out the shapes in the modeling program. I want to try to make one of these...
  4. Scooby5757

    ID needed for Phrag -

    Hi all, I was hoping I could get Guido Braem, Olaf, or another taxonomist to chime in here with some help on a verification of ID. This plant was brought to a flower show, awarded a CCM of 82, but there were questions to its identity. The grower claims that it is pearcei, photos were taken...
  5. Scooby5757

    Stenocoryne aurea-fulva

    Mine is severely cupped. Yours is much nicer!
  6. Scooby5757

    AOS Decline

    If you have an interest in orchids, you have an interest in the AOS. Someone else is curating information and a level of documentation that the Internet hasn't gotten to yet, or, historically, ever....poo poo it, and the hierarchy has its problems, but it is still a central organization that...
  7. Scooby5757

    Parkfest 2013 - Anyone going?

    I'll be there for judging....
  8. Scooby5757

    Cattleya Mary Ann Barnett

    "Suiting" - Very popular with Asian growers/showers. For a good pic on how it's done, google "manipulating cattleya petals" and look at image results. I would consider it beyond just "grooming flower", particularly when put into the arena of AOS judging. Though, for ribbon judging, it...
  9. Scooby5757

    OH NO! Another "Guess The Hybrid" Thread!

    Berenice x bellatulum
  10. Scooby5757


    Awesome! Thank you! :clap:
  11. Scooby5757

    A few Catts from the past few months...

    Benign neglect...go full out on sun, good luck cooking it...this one get a very healthy dose, it stays high in the gh so it stays warm, and I am lighter with water in the summer. This ones gotta be 20ish if not more. Once, long ago it was growing in a 10 inch clay pot, which is still in there if...
  12. Scooby5757

    A few Catts from the past few months...

    I believe you are talking about Epidendrum floribundum.
  13. Scooby5757

    Help with Gongora ID.

    Foolishly the tag was written in sharpie, rather than pencil and the name is long gone. I had taken a guess at Gon. rufescens, but I'm out of my league. Anyone have an idea?
  14. Scooby5757

    Paph. Barbara Glancy 'Principessa's Probably Hanging' AM/AOS

    Go ahead. Say it. I'm thinking it too. So with that said, all of the Barbara Glancy's I've seen all bare the trademark characteristics of hangianum. The other one awarded is even more hangianum-esque. Barbara Glancy supposedly is malipoense x Mem. Larry Heuer. This was taken to the Paph...
  15. Scooby5757

    Paph. Harold Koopowitz

    First bloom. Delayed post, but it was from a few months ago. (roth. 'In-Charm x malipoense 'Fragrance')
  16. Scooby5757

    A few Catts from the past few months...

    California Girl x walkeriana (alba I think) and L. purpurata v. striata
  17. Scooby5757

    A few Catts from the past few months...

    C. National Geographic 'Waldor' (Yeah I cheated for the pic. The doral usually doesn't stand straight, so I gave it some help for the photo.) C. Nancy Off 'Linwood' AM/AOS (89 pts) Getting ready... Just starting... And this is as good as it got...well picture-wise One of the...
  18. Scooby5757

    A few Catts from the past few months...

    Some highlights from what has bloomed out the past few months. This is beginning the fourth year where I've had a hand in working with the Rutgers collection, and we're starting to see some results. C. Alice B. DuPont 'Waldor' HCC/AOS on left and what we believe is Wendy Patterson on the...
  19. Scooby5757

    Paph. St. Swithin 'Principessa's Yellow Streamers' AM/AOS

    At Mid-Atlantic in Philly. Yeah. It came home and the next day I got frisky with some pollen. Put on some Leopard Spots from Hadley (didn't take), Rory Jones I got from Krull Smith's display the first (and last time) they came to the SEPOS show, and that Barbara Glancey that was awarded...
  20. Scooby5757

    Paph. St. Swithin 'Principessa's Yellow Streamers' AM/AOS

    Ugh, can't get them rotated correctly...tried. Sorry.