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  1. Morja

    Paph. delenatii question

    I have a delenatii alba that I bought last summer that seems to like to primarily focus on one thing at a time, and it's felt slow! I actually felt like it wasn't growing at all for a while so I started taking weekly pictures of it. And surprise! It was indeed growing. Just slow! The bigger of 2...
  2. Morja

    A little mushroom and some roots

    Measurement of the previously flowered growth on this plant is about 9 inches.
  3. Morja

    Bc Little Birds

  4. Morja

    A few of my Neos

    Wow, I just love the colors on that! What a show!
  5. Morja

    Bc Little Birds

    Ooh it is very pretty! Reminds me of BC Rustic Spots and BC Frances Fox! I would happily own any of those.
  6. Morja

    Bc Little Birds

    First cattleya alliance bloom for me, ever! It was more light yellow when it opened, and I already have a Bv. Yellow Bird so I was a bit bummed (Little Birds can supposedly range from yellow to almost red so I was hoping for darker colors just to change things up). However, it's aged into a bit...
  7. Morja

    Sophronitis minicatt hybrid

    Gorgeous! Sophronitis is the genus that I am looking to dabble in next!
  8. Morja

    Wilting and bleached leaves help

    That's a pretty big chunky mix for both! Smaller pieces would probably be better especially for the paph. It looked like it did get too much sun. They can't take direct sun, typically, or not for long. Have you seen the roots of either? The wilty leaves on the phal usually mean the plant is...
  9. Morja

    A little mushroom and some roots

  10. Morja

    A little mushroom and some roots

    I'll take it as a sign that the humidity levels inside this pot are high! If I hadn't just repotted it 6 months ago I would be more concerned about media breakdown. I can still see air pockets and it seems pretty happy though, so I'll hold off.
  11. Morja

    A little mushroom and some roots

    Thanks Bob! I'm glad it's no big deal.
  12. Morja

    A little mushroom and some roots

    Paph delenatii alba I've never had a mushroom before. This happened after I watered especially well and left it just barely extra moist yesterday anticipating a long weekend trip (which we have since canceled). It's okay, right? Repotted in December. It's probably growing in the top dressing...
  13. Morja

    Mexi in sheath at least

    Glorious clump!
  14. Morja

    how to tell if phrag is in bud?

    As somebody who obsessively peers into the cracks of the leaves in the depths of my phrag growths, I feel you! 😂
  15. Morja

    Phrags under lights

    Nice! Yeah those show tables are something else. Did you do Ecuagenera USA or import?
  16. Morja

    Phrags under lights

    So to clarify- the Ecuagenera plants that went through US stores were worse off, or the ones you bought directly from Ecuador? I REALLY want a Yelva Myhre 😅 I am hoping I will find one outside of Ecuagenera or something with similar rich velvetyness. Or maybe I'll just cave and play the...
  17. Morja

    Dark paphiopedilum

    Wow, that is beautifully dark! I'm sure the form next time will be better.
  18. Morja

    Paph. Liemainum

    Definitely repot and get those roots covered! I think with the Itty bitty plants especially, shipment sometimes jostles them a bit or makes the potting medium settle and they arrive almost falling out of their pots. Paphs need to be in the media enough that if they make new roots, the roots have...
  19. Morja

    how to tell if phrag is in bud? I asked a similar question earlier this year and got some good answers and examples!
  20. Morja

    Paph. Chou-Yi Gratrix

    Wow 😍