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  1. Jaljala

    Phrag. besseae 'Carlisle' (x self)

    second bloom on this plant I got as seedling from Fox Valley 4 years ago. Shape is getting better. Colour is nice aside from tiny blotch on left petal.
  2. Jaljala

    Phrag Acker's Watercolor (Waunakee Sunset 'Cherry' x besseae 'Paute')

    First bloom for this plant. I don't know where it comes from because this plant isn't registered in my files (a first!). It may be from JP Faust or from Ecuagenera. The tag doesn't have the mention of the registrered hybrid name, so the plant is likely from before 2019... The colour is very...
  3. Jaljala

    Paph. charlesworthii fma. alba x sib ('Gigantic' x 'First Class' AM/AOS)

    sourced from Sam Tsui (Orchid Inn) in 2021 First blooming
  4. Jaljala

    Paphiopedilum helenae

    Just for display on my table. It grows in a greenhouse from April to October, then indoors under lights.
  5. Jaljala

    Paphiopedilum helenae

    No awards. I never have time to go judging unfortunately (they are very few judgings where I live anyway).
  6. Jaljala

    Paphiopedilum helenae album

    This is a slow grower for me... but this is the best of its annual blossom since it was out of flask in 2013. It is growing in a mix of bark and perlite, topping of akadama for decoration.
  7. Jaljala

    Paphiopedilum helenae

    Bought as a single growth in 2009… it has come a long way! Until this year I rarely got more than 2 flowers at a time.
  8. Jaljala

    Phragmipedium Susan Kulhavi (Saint Ouen ‘Ice Queen’ JC/AOS x andrettae ‘Ghostly’)

    Sorry I don't have measurements, but it is a the small side of my Phrags. It tooks a few years of blooming to get it to have a nice shape. All of the plants from this flask have bloomed with this color.
  9. Jaljala

    Paph. Conco-bellatulum 'SVO' AM/AOS x thaianum 'Super Cute'

    young plant acquired a year ago from Sam Tsui.
  10. Jaljala

    Phragmipedium Fritz Schomburg (besseae 'OZ Selected' x kovachii 'Full Moon')

    Yes they are perfectly flat still after 6 days fully opened. 2 more buds coming along on that spike, I wonder how the first flower will behave…
  11. Jaljala

    Phragmipedium Fritz Schomburg (besseae 'OZ Selected' x kovachii 'Full Moon')

    Very happy with this first bloom. Plant from Sam Tsui bought 2 and 1/2 years ago. It is grown in Semi-hydro with a mix of 50-50 rockwool cubes/ Leca. Phr-41 - Phrag. Fritz Schomburg (besseae 'OZ Selected' x kovachii 'Full Moon') by Jaljala, on Flickr Phr-41 - Phrag. Fritz Schomburg (besseae...
  12. Jaljala

    Phr-20 - Phragmipedium Little Deschutes (Lynn Evans-Goldner 'Full Circle' HCC-AOS x Bullseye 'Penns Creek' AM-AOS)

    Too bad this plant never manages to produce a flower with a symetric staminode
  13. Jaljala

    Phragmipedium Pink Panther (schlimii 'Pink Ice' x fischeri 'Tony')

    Thank you Frank, I appreciate your explanation and the time you took to post it!
  14. Jaljala

    Phragmipedium Pink Panther (schlimii 'Pink Ice' x fischeri 'Tony')

    Thank you Frank for your clarification. Sor)ry about my initital answer, I didn't realize who you were (🤭) and I was not aware of any change in taxonomy. I am keeping the original name given by the breeder (Woodstream Orchids)but I will put a note somewhere to remember.
  15. Jaljala

    Phragmipedium Pink Panther (schlimii 'Pink Ice' x fischeri 'Tony')

    Here is todays new flower (quick phone picture, no high quality) on the second growth from that plant. Too bad the other flower from the different growth dropped 2 days ago... no duet for the picture :cool:
  16. Jaljala

    Phragmipedium Pink Panther (schlimii 'Pink Ice' x fischeri 'Tony')

    It is not the species Phrag schlimii. It is a cross between it and Phrag fischeri which is called Pink Panther ;)
  17. Jaljala

    Phragmipedium Pink Panther (schlimii 'Pink Ice' x fischeri 'Tony')

    Well, that post is a little old but it was reactivated just in time... here is the current bloom... the plants has grown slowly but is now strong enough to throw 2 spikes and 4 new growths at once. Flower is chubbier than ever 🥰
  18. Jaljala

    Cattleya bicalhoi f. coerulea (ex Laelia dayana coerulea)

    Another species that enjoyed the new greenhouse (compared to indoor) and is rewarding me with blooms Lae-28 - Cattleya (Laelia) bicalhoi (dayana) f. coerulea by Jaljala, on Flickr