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    I've had a lean-to greenhouse in PA and now free-standing 36X16 greenhouse in coastal GA. Both are fitted with propane heaters (Modine) with electric heaters as a backup. After Hurricane Irma, we installed on demand generator. PA greenhouse heater required heater to be installed at the bottom...
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    Catt.luteola & Catt.lueddemanniana coerulea

    Wrong forum to put pictures, sorry!
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    Peruflora's Cirila Alca

    Very nice, Eric! Mine is quite a bit darker pink.
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    Difficult to find Bulbophyllum species

    Check with Phrao Orchids Nursery, they were at Tamiami and most likely attend Redlands. You can find them on FB.
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    Make me an offer

    Check your PM.
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    Our orchid addictions

    Big pharmas are hard at work keeping "American Institute of Stress; Anxiety Disorders Association of America; National Institute of Mental Health" under their thumbs. They have pills for every stressful condition.:D If you live long enough, you will encounter any of the above illnesses and...
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    Another Irma thread!

    The only high ground in the property. This is the area where the dock construction had begun about a month ago, all gone.
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    Another Irma thread!

    Pictures of the greenhouse after tide went out, it was too dangerous to go out during high tide to snap these pictures. Knee wall was completely under water.
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    Another Irma thread!

    Thank you, Tom, I'll take up on your kind offer. If you wish to trade, I have a couple of 5 growth Phrag.vittatums.
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    Another Irma thread!

    Ray- Our electric and phone lines are also buried from the main power lines. Seeing those steel and concrete poles crashing down by the weight of the nearby trees was something else. We have a little gas-powered generator, at least we've made some coffee.:)
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    Another Irma thread!

    Sorry to reply so late, we are still experiencing phone lines blackouts hence no wifi. I placed this picture at FB and just made it public.
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    Another Irma thread!

    We survived the wrath of Irma with only 6 feet of storm surge. The greenhouse was halfway under water but I had moved everything into higher shelves. My only loss was my Paph. anitum seedlings, the power of the water swept the grid they were placed and salt water killed them off immediately...
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    Dragon blood

    Eric, I am looking for a bottle of Dragon Blood as well. if you have a spare one for sale please let me know.
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    By mid-April temperatures climbed to mid 80's, I moved into the greenhouse to the coolest area and by mid-May, all the leaves started to wither away. Roots were in great shape when I repotted and moved into the fridge. I'll report back the outcome.
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    Thank you for the tip Tom. I do keep an eye on it since it's been in the fridge since late April but what to do in case if it breaks out of its dormancy?
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    My new greenhouse

    No, I grew it outside (daytime temps in mid-60's). We had few nights in the low 30F and had to bring it into the basement.
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    The order came with tibeticum #1 tag that had 2 new growths and a whole bunch of fresh roots. So, if you say it isn't tibeticum what do you think it is? I'll be seeing Wenqing at Tamiami but I will not ask about, she has had enough grief in her life to last a lifetime. Losing Holger right...
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    Got this from Hengduan at Tamiami, bloomed in March now resting in the fridge.
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    My new greenhouse

    Thank you eOrchids and Migrant! They are growing like weeds, they seem to love the heat and humidity despite my all worries.
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