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  1. Cearbhael

    Vanda 'Princess Mikasa' (Ascocenda 'Princess Mikasa)

    My absolute favourite! It will always mean acocentrum to me though I know that “name no longer exists
  2. Cearbhael

    Cattleya purpurata

    Ah but I wish I lived in a climate where most of my orchids could live outside, mounted on trees or inside a screened pool area! If wishes were fishes! I could do cold loving Cyps like the state flower of MN would grow here easily in a shaded Easterly location. (I am in central MN.) Now if I...
  3. Cearbhael

    Phrag kovachii

    Beautiful!! Breaks my heart that I can’t grow it!
  4. Cearbhael

    The right care for Phragmipedium kovachii?

    I have had Kovachii primary hybrids that have melted in MN summer heat. I lack air conditioning so it is always a bit of an issue!
  5. Cearbhael

    The right care for Phragmipedium kovachii?

    They would love that!
  6. Cearbhael

    Cattleya Pink Diamond (orpetii x wittigiana)

    They like it cool right??
  7. Cearbhael

    Rats come in out of the rain

    About Rats, they actually are omnivores. Have been known to kill Chickens around here…just an FYI, not to mention the damage to buildings etc! I had a rat infestation, took 2 years to live trap and kill them all, and $3,000 to repair the damage to my Breezeway (where they chose to nest and live)...
  8. Cearbhael

    Phragmipedium Acker's Classic

    Very lovely
  9. Cearbhael

    Phrag. kovachii ‘Laura’

    Being a window sill grower with only fans to cool things, I have a difficult time keeping my Phrags cool enough in the summer! I always regret that I haven’t the courage to try Kovachii! I lost 2 Kovachii primary hybrids due to heat so far!
  10. Cearbhael

    Phrag Polar Shift 'Ghostwriter' AM/AOS

    Beautiful bloom! Love the diluted colour
  11. Cearbhael

    Phragmipedium les Varines

    They are both lovely. I have noticed some hybrids seem to have genetic variations.
  12. Cearbhael

    Paphiopedilum vietnamense ‘Halo Be Thy Name’ AM/AOS

    Congrats!!! That is a BEAUTY!!! Wish they weren’t so difficult! You have to have the patience of a saint
  13. Cearbhael

    Paphiopedilum vietnamense ‘Purple Lantern’

    When is judging??
  14. Cearbhael

    Kovachii ‘Laura’ x ‘Ana’

    Beautiful! I fear Kovachii would chose to die in our summer heat waves! No air conditioning! I have lost 2 Kovachii primary hybrids…one each year over the last 2 years! The rest seem determined to ignore the heat! It helps that they are in my kitchen South window. It is the coolest room in my...
  15. Cearbhael

    Hello from Toronto, Canada

    Hello from MInnesota USA
  16. Cearbhael

    Cattleya labiata semialba pentapincelada ‘Solar Flare’ AM/AOS

    I have to say, you have a real talent with the Catts!
  17. Cearbhael

    Angraecum Lemforde White Beauty

    Are they a cold or warm loving plant
  18. Cearbhael

    Hi from Nottinghamshire UK

    Welcome! I currently have no Paphs, struggling to understand my Phrags of which I have 8. Two of them are species and 6 of them are primary hybrids of Bessiea and Kovachii. I also have 3 Phals. I had 3 mini’s given to me by my son but they were in sphagnum moss which promptly rotted and took the...
  19. Cearbhael

    Hi from the UK.

    Nice to meet you phraggy! Is that a clue to your fav orchid??
  20. Cearbhael

    Cattleya labiata semialba pentapincelada ‘Solar Flare’ AM/AOS

    Congrats Leslie! They are SOOO Beautiful! Definitely is making my day more cheerful already