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  1. Mikefallen13

    Paph. micranthum var. eburneum compot

    Hey guys, Bought a flask of micranthum var. eburneum 'Red Panda' x 'Red Fox' from Sam a while ago and these are the survivors. This compot has literally been sitting neglected in the back of my growspace for months now, so they are very well hardened off lol. Obviously these are micranthum...
  2. Mikefallen13

    Paph wehnsense "Tom-De"

    Is this forum completely unmoderated now? I can't see how a disgraceful and threatening comment like Tom-DE's could be allowed otherwise.
  3. Mikefallen13

    Paphs for sale

  4. Mikefallen13

    Paphs for sale

    Hello! Well, I've completely run out of space in my windowsill orchid area and need to move some plants. These will be shipped bareroot, as the media they are potted in is quite broken down and it will significantly reduce the shipping costs. I really want to sell these as a group, not...
  5. Mikefallen13

    My CP's plus a few orchids

    I completely forgot about this thread! Around Christmas I upgraded to a custom growchamber, the growtent worked but was simply too small and also had only one small viewing window, which made it basically impossible to enjoy the plants without entering the tent. The new chamber is 8' x 4' x 6'...
  6. Mikefallen13

    Micranthum var. eburneum seedpod questions

    Lol, I didn't even notice that! Thanks autocorrect!
  7. Mikefallen13

    Micranthum var. eburneum seedpod questions

    Hello! So, on a whim, I crossed my two eburneums and it's looking like the cross took. I pollinated the flower on Feb. 1st and the pod has been swelling nicely since. So, as I've never done any crosses, I have a few questions on what to do next. First, when should I harvest the pod, should I...
  8. Mikefallen13

    Ebay ..Ugghh

    I'd certainly recommend checking out Facebook groups. Compared to eBay, communication is a breeze and no annoying fees tacked on. I've even done auction style listings where people put their bids in the comments section and the highest bidder at a set end time wins.
  9. Mikefallen13

    Paphiopedilum myanmaricum

    That's fantastic!
  10. Mikefallen13

    Make me an offer

    Yeah, that's one of the reasons I got out of multis, they can take up a lot of space! Good luck with the sale, definitely a great deal for someone that has the space!
  11. Mikefallen13

    Two Malipoense Primary Hybrids

    Wow, I love the Shun-Fa Golden! A very nice flower even with the defect!
  12. Mikefallen13

    A few plants for sale/trade

    Hey guys, sorry if I didn't respond to your PM's. I've been very busy and just haven't had the time to read all of them, but I certainly appreciate the interest! Both paphs are gone but the phrag is still available if anyone's interested. I was able to dig up a bloom pic for it, but it was...
  13. Mikefallen13

    Paph. wilhelminae

    Probably my favorite multifloral species! Fantastic specimen!
  14. Mikefallen13

    A few plants for sale/trade

    Won't be able to make the Paph Forum unfortunately, I'll be working that weekend. For those interested, here's some pics of the Jason Fischer from OZ. Looking to get $85 for this one, I really wish I had a flower pic because this one is very nice! 3 old growths, and 3 new growths...
  15. Mikefallen13

    A few plants for sale/trade

    Hey guys! So I've been getting back into slippers over the past few months but these two just don't fit in with my plans going forward. I'm going to be focusing on the Parvi species, the slippers that first got me into orchids, so these two can go. I'll say up front, these two need some TLC...
  16. Mikefallen13

    Phrag. besseae ('Bleeding Heart' x 'Colossal')

    One of the nicer besseae I've had in my collection. This one reliably blooms about every 6 months as the new fans mature. It was previously kept pretty warm so the flowers were fairly dull, putting in with my cool growing orchids and carnivorous plants seems to have done the trick! I would have...
  17. Mikefallen13

    My CP's plus a few orchids

    It's been quite a while! Time for an update! N. robcantleyi SG BE by Mike Fallen, on Flickr N. robcantleyi SG BE by Mike Fallen, on Flickr N. petiolata TC BE by Mike Fallen, on Flickr N. peltata BE TC by Mike Fallen, on Flickr N. veitchii (Maliau Basin) SG NE by Mike Fallen, on Flickr N...
  18. Mikefallen13


    I switched to Flickr a few months ago and I'd never use any other site. The site loads quickly, doesn't bombard you with annoying pop up ads, lets you choose image size when you copy the embed url and is visually much more professional looking. It doesn't have any editing functions (as of now)...
  19. Mikefallen13

    Dendrobium cuthbertsonii and hybrid

    Very nice, especially the yellow cuthbertsonii!