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  1. Schlyne

    Orchid Fragrances

    Onc. Twinkle can be pretty strong that I've noticed, but it was sitting right next to my desk.. I remember thinking right after I got mine that it didn't seem to be that scented...then I picked it up to water it, accidentally waved it under my nose and was almost overwhelmed. I'd have to say...
  2. Schlyne

    Paph. superbiens

    Nice, I"ll have to add this to my wishlist :)
  3. Schlyne

    Prince Edward of York

    Keep us posted! I have a Prince Edward of York x philippinense and I'd like to see a good picture to compare to :)
  4. Schlyne

    Hello from Nebraska

    Hi, I'm new here. I was recommended to this forum from Fox Valley Orchids after talking to him at the Greater Omaha Orchid Society Show a couple of weeks ago. I grow more paphs than anything else, and the slippers are my favorite orchids overall. :smitten: I've just gone back to college...
  5. Schlyne

    Local orchids...!

    Thanks for sharing. I love the Ophrys too bad we don't have any here.