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  1. Noah Arthur

    Car ride = bud blast? Phrag. Fritz Schomburg

    Hey everyone! I know car rides aren't a phrag's favorite thing in the world, and I'm concerned about bud/bloom blast on a long trip... My magnificent Fritz Schomburg has a huge bud that started to open up last night. It's going to be the first phrag I've ever bloomed myself; I'm so excited! BUT...
  2. Noah Arthur

    Repot me?

    Hey guys! So the Calurum is almost done with blooming, just one last small flower hanging on. I'm going to repot as soon as it's done. What potting medium should I use?
  3. Noah Arthur

    Phrags: pot sit in water or not?

    Update on this situation: I tried sitting them in water for awhile, but their medium was constantly soggy wet, and the surface of one grew a coating of mold. So I discontinued sitting them in water and have been instead just watering them frequently. Maybe my humidity is too high for wet feet...
  4. Noah Arthur

    Repot me?

    This will be my first repotting experience... yikes, hope I don't kill it... :(
  5. Noah Arthur

    Repot me?

    I got this Phrag. Calurum less than two months ago, and it seems to have grown enormously in that time... I'm thinking it's time to repot, right? Should I wait til it's done blooming? See photo, w/TP for size comparison.
  6. Noah Arthur

    Phrags: pot sit in water or not?

    Thanks for helping out, everyone! I've got them sitting in shallow saucers of water, and their potting medium has stayed quite wet. I'll probably cycle them in saucers for a few days, then out for a few days, as Mr. Koopowitz advised. My humidity hovers in the 50s to low 70s.
  7. Noah Arthur

    Phrags: pot sit in water or not?

    So it looks like wet feet is the way to go with phrags. Is grocery store bottled water pure enough to use as standing water in the saucers? I don’t have access to rainwater most of the year (this is California), and even when we do get rain it’s nasty and smog-laden.
  8. Noah Arthur

    Phrag anguloi

    Isn't this little guy one of the (the?) rarest of phrags?
  9. Noah Arthur

    Phrag. Calurum (Sedenii X longifolium)

    Yea to me it looks exactly like some forms of Sedenii on google images. (Although the Calurum images look like it too, so I'm not doubting the nursery's ID.)
  10. Noah Arthur

    Phrag. Incan Treasure (kovachii X longifolium)

    ...And here's the other phrag I got at the Huntington Gardens orchid show, a big ol' Incan Treasure. These were larger than I expected, approaching kovachii in petal span!
  11. Noah Arthur

    Phrag. Don Wimber (Eric Young X besseae)

    I went to my first orchid show ever last weekend -- what an experience! Two beautiful phrags came home with me, one being this almost-besseae...
  12. Noah Arthur

    Phragmipedium besseae

    Wow! Really stunning. The most beautiful besseae photo I've seen.
  13. Noah Arthur

    Phrags: pot sit in water or not?

    I now have 3 phrags here at the Ventura house: a Calurum (Sedenii X longifolium), a Don Wimber (Eric Young X besseae), and an Incan Treasure (kovachii X longifolium), and I've been hearing conflicting info about whether or not to sit their pots in water. At the orchid show last weekend I talked...
  14. Noah Arthur

    Phrag. Calurum (Sedenii X longifolium)

    This beautiful hybrid is the prize specimen of my small (so far...) orchid collection. Sadly I didn’t bloom it but got it already in bloom (I’m still a faker who hasn’t bloomed or rebloomed any orchids yet... )
  15. Noah Arthur

    New phrag dropped a flower!

    Thanks everyone! It seems this flower was just ready to drop. The second flower (which was already open by the time the first one dropped) is still on the plant and looking beautiful (see photo) And a new bud is swelling up above it! I love this plant; the prize of my small (so far...) collection!
  16. Noah Arthur

    New phrag dropped a flower!

    Thanks Paphluvr! Yea it might have been in bloom for a long time at the nursery before I got it. And it does have another bud coming up!
  17. Noah Arthur

    New phrag dropped a flower!

    I got this Phrag. Calurum a week ago, and it seemed to be doing well until today, when it dropped a perfectly healthy flower... What did I do wrong? I got it from a nursery with a very warm greenhouse, and brought it home to a cooler house. The indoor temps are well within the acceptable range...
  18. Noah Arthur

    Phrag won’t open all the way...?

    My Phrag. ‘Betheva’ flower won’t open fully. It’s almost there, but the petals are still stuck together below the flower (see photo). It’s been like this for almost two weeks. The petals are getting longer, but not separating... Does it need a little help? Should I peel/pry the flower open? Or...
  19. Noah Arthur

    Food for paphs and phrags?

    Hey orchid people! My first post here. I just got my first orchid a couple weeks ago. I was immediately hooked, and now I have five of them, including a stunning Paph maudiae-type in bloom and a Phrag 'Betheva' in spike... Most of the slipper care info I've found online is pretty...