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  1. werner.freitag

    Kocide or phyton27 ?

    the 2 MSDS any opinoin ?
  2. werner.freitag

    Kocide or phyton27 ?

    Ray, in the MSDS they exchanged Tannin Acid by Picric Acid.
  3. werner.freitag

    Paph. concolor fma. album

    quite a few albas were offered in Thailand this year. interesting to learn that color gets darker with more light my seedling has 2 flowers for the first time sorry for that picture , the spots are from seaweed fertlizer
  4. werner.freitag


    oh, did not know ! Thanks for explaining. And, if I dont understand , I just ask . Good weekend for all forum members.
  5. werner.freitag


    what was wrong ?????????????????
  6. werner.freitag

    Paph. rungsiriyanum

    good , Leslie, what substrate ?
  7. werner.freitag

    Paph. rungsiriyanum

    not easy to keep them well
  8. werner.freitag


    good form and color
  9. werner.freitag

    Some Brachys

    thank you for your nice comments
  10. werner.freitag

    Some Brachys

    Compared to the Southern and central regions we observe a one months later flowering period of most Paphs in Northern Thailand.. So its kind of peak time in May and June here. Especially forms and hybrids of godefroyae and niveum are flowering now, there are still some concolor. godefroyae...
  11. werner.freitag

    Paphiopedilum Donvischilum (concolor x leucochilum)

    newly aquired , strange name, but nice
  12. werner.freitag


    a really nice one !
  13. werner.freitag

    Paphiopedilum hangianum blooming in situ

    great , please decribe the habitat
  14. werner.freitag

    Paph acomdontum 'Pearl'

    very nice one, I am still waiting.......
  15. werner.freitag

    Vanda denisoniana - a nice form from the garden

    I like the color.
  16. werner.freitag

    New(?) species

    I totally agree with Martin
  17. werner.freitag

    New(?) species

    the paper
  18. werner.freitag

    My Brachies in 2022

    Rudolf, thank you , I did not know the villosum-thread, great advice. Most of the Thai nurseries are using pure inorganic media, too. Expanded clay is often a part of it.
  19. werner.freitag

    My Brachies in 2022

    Rudolf, both very nice ! What is your potting medium , looks so redish ?
  20. werner.freitag

    P. godefroyae in red

    cross 0f TPD23×TPD41