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    Blc. Hilo Grand ‘Waldor’s 100 Grand’ Original Division

    Cold temps result in more red pigment and chill from shipment would easily provide more color suffusion. Color will be lighter during warmer conditions with more distinct flare patterns.
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    Sophronitis coccinea culture help!

    I grow my cernua on the dry side winter time. More moist in summer. As an anectdote, I purchased some 4n in sphagnum. Two got temporarily set in a small ceramic pot big box phals came in. Well, I forgot and the pots filled with water. Months later when I rediscovered them the new growths...
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    Wanted Looking for following . . .

    Lc. Autumn Symphony 'Navarre' . . . first mericlone I ever purchased. Came from Orchids Orlando in '60's. Would like to reaquire as a keepsake. Phal. stuartiana 'Larkin Valley'. Had decades ago, would like to incorporate its genetics in current hybridizing. tks for any leads or offerings...
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    Phragmipedium sp. new foliage emerging white. Have several phrags that new foliage emerges normally green This one plant is growing among them. Thoughts... LWP
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    Arthur A. Chadwick’s passing

    Only his physical self is gone. His true mortality lives on in his achievements and his family and friends. Loss is always sad but a piece of his soul greets you in with blossoms flowering.
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    Frame: 22 x 48 PT lumber. 14 ft center ridge, 10ft sidewalls. 4 x 4 posts for uprights on 10 ft centers. 2 x 6 x's roof rafters on 3 ft centers, 2 x 6 cross rafters on 10 ft centers, and wall framing on 2 ft centers. Built by myself with no outside assistance. Exterior: Sidewalls are...
  7. LWP

    Grodan/Perlite growing media . . .

    What experiences have members had with the above mix. I have seen it recommended for Phrags . . . do Paphs do well in it also. tks, . . .
  8. LWP

    Cattleya trianae pelorica

    Love it ... would you consider it a coerulea or is the bluish tones more an imaging relic?
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    General bench 2 sided is 5 or 6 ft. . . . 5 ft. is easiest to work. Side benches 2.5 to 3 ft. wide. Height app 30 inch general up to 60 in high for highest on tiered benches. walkways 30 to 36 wide.
  10. LWP

    Cattleya trianae pelorica trilabelo

    'Triple Threat' or 'Triple Colosus' ... needs to be tested for ploidy ... 4n?
  11. LWP

    Phrag. besseae

    . . . Ecuagenera in Ecuador. They have a location in Apopka and ship orders from there. Good prices and plants . . .
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    Osmunda as Phrag media?

    I purchased from Orchiata . . .
  13. LWP

    Osmunda as Phrag media?

    Have purchased some New Zealand fern fiber, great looking media. Has anyone grown phrags in this or osmunda?
  14. LWP

    Cattleya rot

    TIP: Soak clay overnight in water ... they will drill much easier with much less breakage. . .