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  1. Roth

    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum with true pedigree, second flowering

    Dear Frank, As for the primulinum, indeed there were some collected recently. This said, the bulk of what was exported before, and sold in the world, with a few exceptions came from Floricultura, who, over 30 years ago, had a partnership with Bintangdelapan in Indonesia. They produced a lot of...
  2. Roth

    Need ID

    It used to be sold as 'mohrianum' in the 90's. The leaves are a bit reminiscent of volonteanum in their texture and appearance. The actual described mohrianum are a kind of hybridogen whatever population including mastersianum. In my opinion it is one of those countless variations of...
  3. Roth

    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum with true pedigree, second flowering

    That depends, the names are 'stunning', and if you remember well, the Orchid Zone sold rothschildianum with parents that no one has ever seen in flower or heard of ( 'Colossus' comes to mind...). Usually if the parents are excellent, they should take a photo of them, and say, well that's King...
  4. Roth

    Wanted Large flowered cascading phalaenopsis

    It is a bit more complicated for the cascade.... The plants are indeed grown from 28 to 35 degrees for the Sogo Yukidian, depending on the nurseries. There are varieties that can be blocked at 25-26 degrees, Join Glory, and the Cygnus lines. Then they are cooled, but the nightmare is not yet...
  5. Roth

    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum with true pedigree, second flowering

    Dear Frank, I would be very curious to see how your breeding lines of rothschildianum or even Paphiopedilum look like if you don't mind? It is not a matter of a roth better than what I have, so far from Orchid Inn nothing bloomed better until now than a pot plant roth. I do not, luckily, have...
  6. Roth

    Paphiopedilum henryanum

    First rungsuriyanum sold for 1000US a growth in Taiwan and Japan... So a decent plant was 2000-3000us... Ironically, generic henryanum wild collected usually trade in Thailand for 15-20US/kg, and in Viet Nam for 5-10US/kg max today.
  7. Roth

    My best Rothschildianum

    Great plant for sure, and sold honestly as generic rothschildianum, which has to be praised in this world for sure! Indeed you should bloom the ones from me soon. I have the unfair advantage of lots of space, and full weather controlled greenhouse actually, which speeds up the things for certain!
  8. Roth

    My best Rothschildianum

    It is not Paradise City x Dark Angel, all the ones that bloomed/are blooming were grown by me to NBS/BS in the Old Continent as we say... and it is not one of them. That's a very good roth for sure and the parents are of the same style as Paradise City/Dark Angel definitely... To get it to...
  9. Roth

    My best Rothschildianum

    Very nice one!
  10. Roth

    What is the best roth cross?

    Admiral is (Charles E. x Borneo) x Charles E. Krull Smith has excellent roths as well...
  11. Roth

    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum with true pedigree, second flowering

    No, and the pollen appeared out of nowhere, brought back from 'Japan' by a Taiwanese who sold it to a couple of growers in Taiwan. From the pictures of the 'flowers', I would say that it is unlikely to be Mt Millais, but that's a very nice roth clearly... Yang-Ji can have great plants by the way...
  12. Roth

    Salts from fertilisers

    In fact the MSU story is a 'bit different'. It is a copy of Coic Lesaint from the late 70s, both in the RO and well water. The basis of it was for simple plants ( tomatoes, etc...) that are able to live only on nitrate nitrogen, so they used ammonium to keep the pH in the proper range when using...
  13. Roth

    After 40 years - rethinking my place in the world of orchids

    You are an AOS judge and you do not know that the AOS judges the TIOS in Taiwan every year? I am surprised... Fatal flaws are color breaks/color streaks first, then you go on with non flat flowers for certain types of hybrids, windows between the petals and the dorsal for some groups of phals...
  14. Roth

    After 40 years - rethinking my place in the world of orchids

    Well, the problem is that many judges cannot express publicly what they think of their colleagues. It is true that first I have heard that many times, and some were so disappointed by some judging teams, and I do not mean only AOS, that they decided to mark their plants ' not for Judging'. Two...
  15. Roth

    Sold OZ selected Fritz Schomburg

    What I saw a lot is the same group of plants sold under those 3 names, and even more... Lovely Lynne was sold under various names, Fritz Schomburg, RJ Quene, etc... in the recent years, and some awarded as well.
  16. Roth

    Water quality

    Milwaukee is a good ration price/quality.
  17. Roth

    Taking the plunge with a top rothschildianum

    Rothschildianum need a lot of potassium to grow well... So K Lite would not be an option if you want to get a true clump with dark green leaves. Actually they bloom every 6 months max 1 year here in my conditions...
  18. Roth

    Taking the plunge with a top rothschildianum

    Use an urea based fertilizer to grow them, MSU/Rainmix will stunt them. That's the same batch as the one posted in flower actually, and it definitely comes from Paph Paradise.
  19. Roth

    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum with true pedigree, second flowering

    It does prove my point and you just said it. There are many more photos of Val x Mt Millais from the 90s, other individuals, including on internet, but that's not the matter here. Those plants are selected, and equal/superior to Val or Mt Millais. Show to me ONE photo from the Orchid Inn...
  20. Roth

    Orchids 2023

    Yes that's a water matter... If the roots dry out in their vicinity from too much water uptake during spike formation until the flowers are fully expanded, even for half a day, you can lose easily 50% of the petal length.