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  1. Ricardo Boricua

    Encyclia Orchid Jungle

    Encyclia Orchid Jungle. My plant produces four feet long inflorescences that have to be staked and secured so that when its windy they don't tip the pot in its side. The inflorescence has forty flowers. Fragrant
  2. Ricardo Boricua

    Repotting every year?

    I have wondered about this too. When I repot my plants most of the roots are in a solid mass hugging closely the inner wall of the pot. Changing the media doesn't disturb them much.
  3. Ricardo Boricua

    Encyclia Renate Schmidt

  4. Ricardo Boricua

    Epidendrum magnoliae

    An interesting plant, that can endure more cold than almost any epiphytic orchid.
  5. Ricardo Boricua

    Dendrobium rhodostictum

    Den. rhodostictum
  6. Ricardo Boricua

    Paphiopedilum stonei

    I have a small number of Paphs, but have friends that have many and are much better growers that I am, I try to learn from them.
  7. Ricardo Boricua

    Paphiopedilum stonei

    In a friend's garden.
  8. Ricardo Boricua

    Bulbophyllum sp.

    A very strange flower. Sadly, the tag was not legible.
  9. Ricardo Boricua

    Round fungus spots attacking my Paphs. If some of you have insights on a durable solution.

    I have this exact same problem even thought my Paphs are in an exceedingly well ventilated area. It seems to strike at random, most of my plants aren't affected.
  10. Ricardo Boricua

    How would you rate this Paph. rothschildianum?

    Perhaps you didn't read that is recuperating nicely. And it was quite healthy when I got it. It was a sudden rot. There are some pretty good comments in tis tread, well wort reading.
  11. Ricardo Boricua

    Dimorphorchis rossii, female flower

    Dimorphorchis rossii, female flower
  12. Ricardo Boricua

    Cyp. japonicum

    The flower is beautiful, and the leaves are interesting and pretty in their own way.
  13. Ricardo Boricua

    How would you rate this Paph. rothschildianum?

    Perhaps if you had read my post, you would have noticed, I had just brought it, The plant was in a wretched state as you can see in the photo, because it got rot when newly purchased. Finally, the question is not about culture, the plant is recuperating nicely, its about the quality of the...
  14. Ricardo Boricua

    How would you rate this Paph. rothschildianum?

    Personally, I will be extremely happy if it blooms at all, everything else will be the frosting on the cake. Thanks for you detailed answer.
  15. Ricardo Boricua

    How would you rate this Paph. rothschildianum?

    I brought this plant last year in perfect state. As soon as it got into my garden the leaves started to rot. Most of the leaves died, only stubs remained. But the roots were in perfect condition and it has produced a new growth that is healthy but smaller than the previous fan of leaves. I...
  16. Ricardo Boricua

    Guarianthe skinneri forma oculata

    Yours are very nice! My plant is still recovering from root loss. Lets see how it gets in two or three years.
  17. Ricardo Boricua

    Guarianthe skinneri forma oculata

    It is from a cross of plants in Costa Rica selected for form and color.
  18. Ricardo Boricua

    Guarianthe skinneri forma oculata

    I would not use the word rare, probably its much less popular than the typically colored ones. Also its an albescens form, hobbyists tend to prefer albas.