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  1. Chicago Chad


    Hung Sheng breeding
  2. Chicago Chad


  3. Chicago Chad

    definitely not sangii

    My due diligence comes in the names, the payment and the paperwork. Every single one of my plants has cleared customs. As a result from trying to acquire as many species variations as I can, from as many vendors as possible, I can guarantee that things get mixed up, mixed in and lied about...
  4. Chicago Chad

    definitely not sangii

    Just to keep you in the loop with the 'came with some sangii' comment, they indeed did. I have been ordering in wholesale amounts for a few years now. Same with collections of plants as people leave the hobby or business all together. I have many, many plants that have come in as 'type' this and...
  5. Chicago Chad

    definitely not sangii

    I guess I expected a bunch of **** and I got it. Probably a lot more if I left the photo up. Out of respect for the group and the overall feeling I immediately received, I decided to remove it. As I stated, I was not trying to promote someone to buy plants without proper documentation. After...
  6. Chicago Chad


    This one has stronger contrast than the others I have flowered.
  7. Chicago Chad

    definitely not sangii

    Like i said, came as sangii. I can remove it which I have. I guess the post can be interpreted as promoting the concerns of Spaph but the plants all come from somewhere and this was indeed with a dozen sangii. It was also purchased through legit channels and I don't mean some rando on ebay...
  8. Chicago Chad

    definitely not sangii

    So this one came as sangii but we can see it is not
  9. Chicago Chad

    Paph. fowliei 'Merlot'

    That is an absolutely KILLER clone!!!
  10. Chicago Chad

    Pacific Orchid Expo 2018

    Sweet. I'm stoked to go. I have never had a chance because of one reason or another. Flights were so cheap I couldn't pass it up! For a first timer out there, anything I must do, aside from getting someone to pay for a dinner at Saison :D
  11. Chicago Chad

    Pacific Orchid Expo 2018

    Any of you slipper nuts going to San Fran next month?
  12. Chicago Chad

    villosum var. boxallii

    racks on racks :D
  13. Chicago Chad

    Anyone have a pic of....

    no clue but I would love to know. I have bellatulum album x richardianum and I would have guessed it was the only one in existence :rollhappy:
  14. Chicago Chad


    I did. It took 5 mins and I didn't even have to ask anyone what to do :D
  15. Chicago Chad

    villosum var. boxallii

  16. Chicago Chad


    Aside from them stacking kind of funny it is actually very easy to use for those that haven't. More like sending a text message or email, but no preview option?
  17. Chicago Chad


    I am trying out tapatalk since I hate using computers on the weekend and my work has become a real pain in the ass about uploading stuff while I am there. So we'll see how it goes. Hopefully it's easier than imageshack the first time. That's a joke Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  18. Chicago Chad

    Kevin Porter

    This is a hybrid I am rather happy with. I could probably have a few dozen more and not get so lucky since the variation is rather wide. I think it is worth a selfing or crossed with the pollen from my dark, mini fairrieanum... just for fun. The color break looks quite prominent at the time...
  19. Chicago Chad

    Just arrived...make a guess

    micranthum x anitum