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    My new babies!

    Is that Diatomite for a Media ?
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    P. Fritz Schomburg

    For my kovachii species I do use some oyster shell in the mix. Along with diatomite. I'm up to two mature growths and two new growths on my plant.
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    P. Fritz Schomburg

    I picked up a couple when Ivan came to our show at Strongsville Ohio several months ago. I would agree that the 5 " pot is too large (I potted mine up in 4" plastic) I planted mine in a mix of small bark, perlite and diatomite. They are both sitting in saucers which I keep water in. I water...
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    Lunch in Tarapoto Peru

    Beautiful city I was there about 10 years ago, went on to Moyobamba from there, enjoy yourself hope to see lots of pics.
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    Hello from Ohio

    My name is Tim and I have been growing orchids for about 20 years. Phrags and Paphs are my favorite. I have a grow room in my basement with a 400 and a 1000 watt metal halide lights where they stay during the winter. summer they almost all go outside. I also grow carnivorous plants outside...
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    An all-time favorite, any guesses?

    Maudie The Queen