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    18. Paph Supreme Lady (kolopakingii var topperi “Jamboree” x gigantifolium “Dark Warrior”

    It's taken 10 years to get this to bloom for the first time. But it's huge!! The spike alone is well over a metre high and still going! 6 flowers, so looking for 7-8 next time!! Gary UK
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    Flask progress

    The Paph Michael Koopowitz (Michael Koopowitz (philippinense “Daya Twister” x sanderianum “Dr Lee”/In Charm) seedlings are now well established. The best of the three I have has thrown 3 spikes, and a fourth is coming now! Each growth seems to be producing 2 further growths, and they all seem...
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    Flask progress

    This is an update on this original post after many years of waiting!! The sanderianum produced 2 flowers and the petal length was okay at 70cm!! I suppose 7 years is not bad, but also coming into bloom is the Paph Lebeau and the Paph Wossner Spiderman. I'll post these soon once they are a...
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    New seedlings

    I keep it simple and use the orchiata precision with a little added perlite. I soak the bark with kelpmax for a good 24-48 hours before I use. I do keep a good eye on the pots as they are on a heat mat and can very quickly dry out. I only feed with kelpmax for the first few weeks any way so just...
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    Chiu Hua Dancer (sanderianum ‘Flamingo Dance’ x gigantifolium ‘Dark Warrior’)

    I agree. I do also find in some hybrids that the shape of the sandie pouch also is a little stronger than I would like. Gary
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    Paphiopedilum tigrinum

    Love the shape and colour. Looks very healthy. Have a few seedlings of these which are a year or so out of flask. I might be waiting a while for my blooms! Gary UK
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    Chiu Hua Dancer (sanderianum ‘Flamingo Dance’ x gigantifolium ‘Dark Warrior’)

    A bit slow growing but getting stronger. Gary UK DSCF4655 by Gary Dobbs, on Flickr DSCF4659 by Gary Dobbs, on Flickr
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    Sanders Pride ‘Golden Boy’ AM/AOS x adductum ‘Nice Guy’

    It appears the plant was made with stonei "Ruth Kennedy"in the 80's. Only in the late 90's it said that the stonei "Ruth Kennedy" looked like platyphyllum. As the Sanders Pride was made prior to platyphyllum being discovered, it is not possible for the plant to be renamed. Referred to Sam for...
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    Sanders Pride ‘Golden Boy’ AM/AOS x adductum ‘Nice Guy’

    Have checked with Sam, and it appears the plant was made wth Paph. stonei var. platyphyllum 'Ruth Kennedy' in the 80's. A good bit of information so thanks for comments and gives more background to the plants characteristics. Gary
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    Sanders Pride ‘Golden Boy’ AM/AOS x adductum ‘Nice Guy’

    Not sure on that one. Will email Sam to try and find out. Gary
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    Sanders Pride ‘Golden Boy’ AM/AOS x adductum ‘Nice Guy’

    Yes, all the photos were taken yesterday by a friend of mine. He was trying various techniques with also different lighting so they may appear differ slightly in their appearance. Gary
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    Sanders Pride ‘Golden Boy’ AM/AOS x adductum ‘Nice Guy’

    Well, it's taken 5 more years, but the Sanders Duck is in bloom again. This time, 2 spikes, 7 flowers. Appreciate the previous comments and views, but will still treat this plant as it was named. Gary UK P1 by Gary Dobbs, on Flickr P3 by Gary Dobbs, on Flickr P2 by Gary Dobbs, on Flickr P4...
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    How to prevent erwinia?

    I did use to get erwinia most years but through a few adjustments to the culture, very rarely does it raise up. I also lessened my food strength to around 400 u/S and do not foliar feed. The strength also gets adjusted, ie weakened during the winter periods to around 200 u/S or less to...
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    Paph. Saint Swithin “莊苑”

    Extremely well grown. Great stance and 6 flowers is excellent. Gary UK
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    New seedlings

    Thanks for the advice. To just keep them alive is rewarding. They are picking up speed but will just keep growing them as best I can until they do bloom. Never discouraged, but more determined! I have a phrag kovachii, over 10 years old still waiting to bloom, and a Paph Kolosand from 2012 that...
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    New seedlings

    Hi, the seedlings look healthy and you have got them to adapt to your environment, with minimum loss. I also deflasked a fairrieanum flask for the first time a few years ago and I took a similar pattern to yours. I possibly could have kept them a little wetter, but like all my seedlings treat...
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    New seedlings

    Another bit of an update on the anitum/adductum/randii seedlings I began this thread with. They are all picking up pace as they grow larger. Just repotted the randsii as they were getting a bit root bound. To be brief, the anitum (yellow label-single growth plants) are around 32cm leafspan. The...
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    Paph fairrieanum

    The largest by far of seedlings I deflasked a few years ago. It is also the last to bloom but think this the best flower the flask has produced. From In Charm “HLS” x sib “NaeShan” Gary UK DSCF4337 by Gary Dobbs, on Flickr DSCF4333 by Gary Dobbs, on Flickr DSCF4331 by Gary Dobbs, on Flickr
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    Some late flowering multis

    All excellent blooms David. The WBW is a great start for the plant and certainly potential for future blooms. Gary UK
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    From Flask to Comunity Pots - A Photo Essay

    OK thanks. Will be giving this a go on my next purchase. Gary