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  1. My Green Pets

    My Paphs of subg. Cochlopetalum in 2024

    I can't tell any difference with the photo stacking, can you?
  2. My Green Pets

    Paph micranthum first bloom

    Congrats anyway!
  3. My Green Pets

    Prag. warszewiczianum var. wallsii

    gorgeous pouches and petals!! is that its regular growing spot, or is it just out on display?
  4. My Green Pets

    Some paphs in bloom now (all multi floral)

    mouthwatering collection! Love the PEOY and the laevigatums!
  5. My Green Pets

    Cattleya amethystoglossa spotless AWZ

    Seems extreme, but to each his own!
  6. My Green Pets

    Hi from Colorful Colorado!

    Beautiful flasks! Greetings from the Boulder area.
  7. My Green Pets

    C. lueddemanniana coerulea

    Wonderful flowers and nice photos!
  8. My Green Pets

    Cattleya trianae var. concolor 'Pink Pearls' AM/AOS

    The flowers are wonderful, but I'm gawking at the flawless green foliage and perfect, plump bulbs... 🤯
  9. My Green Pets


    Cute! Also I think I just realized that 马是你的姓氏 (?)
  10. My Green Pets

    Cymbidium goeringii "Haruka" (Japanese) 日本春蘭「春華」

    So wild looking. Love them, way to grow. Would you be willing try some photos on a black background?
  11. My Green Pets

    For Sale Cattleya labiata ('Libra' × 'Sherwood Forest' AM/AOS)

    From Steve Christoffersen's breeding. Just bloomed for the first time in November 2023. Large, healthy plant with tons of roots and at least two new growths. Selling it to gain some space back in my grow tent. $35 + shipping. May need to wait a few weeks to ship from Colorado as weather is still...
  12. My Green Pets

    Cattleya maxima alba (lowland var.)

    Outstanding spike, wonderful white flowers, and great photos!!
  13. My Green Pets

    Anyone with experience of SMC (spider mite control)?

    You can also try dunking the whole plant, pot and all, in horticultural oil solution.
  14. My Green Pets

    Anyone with experience of SMC (spider mite control)?

    are there any predatory mite providers in europe? Neoseiulus californicus will decimate any spider mite population. I release them in my grow tent and within days the spider mites are gone.
  15. My Green Pets

    Paphiopedilum jackii Insitu (Vietnam Habitat) 2024

    What a joy, thank you for sharing, Leslie.
  16. My Green Pets

    Paphiopedilum lowii - first bloom (after 14 years)

    love your photos and hour-by-hour narration! congrats! and thanks for inspiring a moment for me to remember where I was and what I was doing 14 years ago...
  17. My Green Pets

    Cymbidium Maureen Carter 'Fragrant Princess'

    I need to hurry up and retire so I can grow all the orchids I want to try, like these beautiful Cymbs. Thanks for the posts. Maybe with luck I can retire in 2046...
  18. My Green Pets

    Cattleya trianae amesiana ‘Anja’ and friends

    Oh David you must be absolutely thrilled with these results. Congratulations. Do you have the blooming plants on display somewhere in the house? Or just keep them in the grow room?