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  1. jht.orchids

    Phragmipedium Don Wimber 'Big Al' 4N

    Fantastic. Take it to the judges.
  2. jht.orchids

    Paph St. Swithin

    Good stuff. I flowered 6 of these last year and not a patch on this one. Well done.
  3. jht.orchids

    gratrixianum 'Geyserland x sib

    Love it Murray. Well done.
  4. jht.orchids

    Aerate RO water?

    I would aerate. The very depth of the storage vessel means the greater concentration of oxygen is near the surface (the atmospheric interface) with diminishing levels further down the water column. Where is the outlet in the storage? In the anoxic zone.
  5. jht.orchids

    Phrag. kovachii ‘Grande’ x self

    Wow. That's fantastic. Congratulations.
  6. jht.orchids

    Phragmipedium Hautes Croix

  7. jht.orchids

    Phrag. pearcei

    Great photos but are you absolutely sure its pearcii and not a hybrid. The several different clones I grow have much finer petals held at 45 degrees to the flower.
  8. jht.orchids

    Pink Panther

    Love it.
  9. jht.orchids

    Gloria Naugle

    Really lovely Stephen. Thanks for sharing.
  10. jht.orchids

    The story of Black Orchids?! 10.21.21

    Great presentation. Enjoyed it immensely. Thanks Leslie.
  11. jht.orchids

    Paphiopedilum Wossner Black Wings 'Rajani' AM/AOC

    Wow. Great clone. I do love the pendulous petals and excellent sepal shape and colour. Congratulations David.
  12. jht.orchids

    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum 'Anisha' AM/AOC

    Congratulations David. Another worthy recipient.
  13. jht.orchids

    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum 'Gigantic' FCC/AOS x 'Samurai'

    Thanks David. I had read a reference to aquatic baskets some time ago so i got a bunch from WA and gave some a try. Initial trials were too dry so I reduced media size by one grade and still seemed the same but I'll give the sphag lining a try. Thanks for the advice. john
  14. jht.orchids

    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum 'Gigantic' FCC/AOS x 'Samurai'

    Love it. Do you use smaller media in the aquatic baskets than normal pots?
  15. jht.orchids

    Phrag, Fox Valley Fireball 'Birchwood' AM/AOS

    Love them all. Has there been a bad one?
  16. jht.orchids

    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum 'Golden Boy' AM/AOS x 'Giant Wings' GM/WOC

    Lovely stance and pouch coloration.
  17. jht.orchids

    Paph. Johanna Burkhardt 'Stephen' FCC/AOC

    Well done Stephen. Love the dorsal, and the petals, and the sepals and the pouch. Thanks for sharing.
  18. jht.orchids

    Paph. rothschildianum 'Rex' x 'Tokyo Fantasy'

    Amazing. Thanks for sharing.