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  1. Justin

    How to Bring my Paphs. through a Vacation

    For a 2 week duration, sitting in a tray of water should be fine. I would not let Phals, Catts, or other virus-prone genera to sit in the same water source however.
  2. Justin

    Paph Season 2024

    Ha yes I am not complaining :) I have only bloomed 2 stonei in my life, and those were the only 2 I have ever seen in person (including 15-20 years of OS meetings/shows). Luckily one of those I selfed and have seedlings... I am actually anticipating a couple from a Taiwanese flask to bloom...
  3. Justin

    Paph Season 2024

    "No biggie, Just casually blooming stoneis over here..."
  4. Justin

    Orchids 2024

    Paph rothschildianum 'Charles E' FCC/AOS
  5. Justin

    Phrag kovachii

    Amazing! Still have not bloomed mine. Any secrets?
  6. Justin

    How would you rate this Paph. rothschildianum?

    Nice roth flower but I am surprised the plant is blooming. I would cut the spike and let it work on recovery.
  7. Justin

    J Burkhart

    Is that the correct label? The plant in the pot looks like a dendrobium.
  8. Justin

    Orchids 2024

    According to the calculator on the FirstRays website it's 117 ppm N.
  9. Justin

    Orchids 2024

    I use Miracle Gro orchid food 30-10-10. <1/4 tsp. per gallon tapwater. Feed ~2x weekly. Our tapwater is generally low in salts, but has some Ca and Mg. I grow under LEDs with west windows.
  10. Justin

    Taiwanese Rothschildianum 2024

    Nice. It would be a keeper for me.
  11. Justin

    Orchids 2024

    Thanks. I grow in Orchiata and feed 30-10-10 urea fertilizer almost every watering. I saw a lot of improvement this season since I started feeding more frequently a year ago. More multispike plants with higher flower count.
  12. Justin

    Orchids 2024

    Thanks. Slightly. 6.1 DW 28 NS. It has done 30+ NS in the past.
  13. Justin

    Orchids 2024

    Thanks. We miss your flower pics. Hope you can get back to growing again soon!
  14. Justin

    My Paphs of subg. Cochlopetalum in 2024

    Gorgeous flower and great photo.
  15. Justin

    Orchids 2024

    The King. Paph rothschildianum 'Mont Millais' FCC/RHS, FCC/AOS, GM/WOC This year there are 14 flowers & buds on 3 spikes.
  16. Justin

    Orchids 2024

    Final lowii update... These are seedlings of lowii 'New Horizon' x 'Grand Masterpiece'. I flowered 3 last year, and 6 this year. They are all very nice and very uniform, guessing triploid.
  17. Justin

    My First FCC to Phrag. Glen Decker

    It really is quite impressive! Very worthy of the FCC.
  18. Justin

    Orchids 2024

    Another lowii 'Mem. Agnes Hebling' x sib. This one is on the other end of the color spectrum from the plant shown above. It is my darkest lowii.
  19. Justin

    Bud watch: Wössner Kolorand x rothschildianum

    Both look like winners.
  20. Justin

    Paphiopedilum Bel Royal

    Very nice! Good growing.