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  1. evleaves

    Blooming Paph Magic Rainbow and Paph appletonianum

    This is Magic Rainbow's first bloom, and another bud is forming behind it. Appletonianum bloomed for the first time last summer and opened its second in March. Magic Rainbow is Magic Paradise x liemianum, or 87% liemianum according to Paph Paradise. Both plants were from Paph Paradise and...
  2. evleaves

    Prag. warszewiczianum var. wallsii

    Beautiful plant. The soft, pale curtains are a nice match to the pale, weepy flowers. It's a look!
  3. evleaves

    Anyone with experience of SMC (spider mite control)?

    I mainly rely on oil and soap sprays I purchase (not homemade), and my method is just to spray the plant thoroughly, spray directly in the crown and other crannies, let sit for 10 minutes, and then thoroughly rinse off with water before putting the plant(s) back on the shelf. Doing this seems to...
  4. evleaves

    Hello from Puerto Rico

    Welcome Ricardo! I looked up Puerto Rican Amazons, they’re lovely. What interesting work that must be.
  5. evleaves


  6. evleaves

    Phrag Pit River

    Yes, it’s supposed to be a small one!
  7. evleaves

    Phrag Pit River

    My Phrag Pit River from Woodstream (Spot On ‘Kelly Creek’ x besseae flavum ‘Broadwaters’) opened its first bloom, and I thought it turned out to be pretty cute.
  8. evleaves

    Aberrant flower victoria reginae

    Gosh, that's such a cute quirk!
  9. evleaves

    bessae select

    I'd call it coral!
  10. evleaves

    Phragmipedium Metolius River

    I think it was really through Google searching for Phrag photos and advice, as there aren't so many resources for them online compared to other orchids!
  11. evleaves

    Phragmipedium Metolius River

    NYEric, I appreciate hearing about your experience, did you find it to be kind of finicky?
  12. evleaves

    Phragmipedium Metolius River

    I'm new around here and thought I'd share a slipper I have in bloom at the moment. This is Phragmipedium Metolius River from Woodstream. This is its first spike, but the 3rd consecutive bloom on the spike with another bud forming. Happy new year, everyone!!
  13. evleaves

    New member from NYC

    I’m a member of MOS! :)
  14. evleaves

    New member from NYC

    I’m originally from northern Virginia, myself!
  15. evleaves

    New member from NYC

    Wow, that does sound like a good time! :)
  16. evleaves

    New member from NYC

    Wonderful! Yes, a member of the Manhattan Orchid Society, which I very much enjoy.
  17. evleaves

    New member from NYC

    Hi there, I'm in New York and I keep orchids on windowsills and under LEDs, including some slippers. I'm glad to find you all here!