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  1. bulolo

    Aberrant flower victoria reginae

    Here's the 3rd flower.
  2. bulolo

    Paphiopedilum spicerianum with green dorsal

    Blooming a second time. Shape is much better this time around.
  3. bulolo

    Aberrant flower victoria reginae

    We just might have to call this 'Pirate'! 🤪
  4. bulolo

    Aberrant flower victoria reginae

    Second flower continues the aberrations. Let's see what the 3rd flower will do.
  5. bulolo

    Aberrant flower victoria reginae

    Whoa, that's weird!
  6. bulolo

    canhii bud watch

    And she's open! Hopefully it will grow stronger and produce a taller spike and have better shape.
  7. bulolo

    canhii bud watch

    We're getting closer. Looks like the flower is going to sit right on top of the leaves. 😕
  8. bulolo

    Paph primulinum f. purpurescens x 2

    A couple more first bloom seedlings from the 'Poe Valley' x self flask. Looks like all the seedlings so far are light in color. Wonder if that might change in subsequent bloomings.
  9. bulolo

    Two for tonsum

    1st pic was purchased as 'cupreum' and 2nd is a nice album. Nice to see two ends of a color spectrum.
  10. bulolo

    A couple of insigne

    Currently blooming - insigne 'Oddity' and a Yunnan variety with a tall dorsal sepal.
  11. bulolo

    Two glaucophyllum from same cross

    These two I grew out from a flask from Meyers Conservatory. They are nice flowers!
  12. bulolo

    A collection of cochlos

    Currently blooming
  13. bulolo

    Paph. primulinum

    Another first bloom seedling from a Woodstream flask of 'Solo's Sunshine' HCC/AOS x sib. Said to be from pre-CITES jungle collected plants. Cute little thing!
  14. bulolo

    Aberrant flower victoria reginae

    First bloom plant victoria reginae. I like the green background.
  15. bulolo

    Paphiopedilum trio

    Yes it is pretty light in color. Here is the first one I've bloomed back in 2021.
  16. bulolo

    canhii bud watch

    As small as this plant is it probably could be called blooming size when I received it.
  17. bulolo

    canhii bud watch

    What I purchased from Amazon is the second picture. Here is a link for what I purchased.
  18. bulolo

    canhii bud watch

    Received these last year through Hengduan Biotech. I planted each in different substrate. The budded one on the left was planted in a gritty pebble mix for bonsai and succulents. The other planted in long fiber sphagnum moss and coarse perlite. I think the left handed plant is growing better...
  19. bulolo

    Paph exul x henryanum

    Blooming again with 5 flowers. Quite a vigorous hybrid.
  20. bulolo

    Paphiopedilum trio

    Left to right- sulivongii from Paph Paradise, coccineum, daoense both from Hengduan Mtns Biotech.