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  1. luvsorchids

    Cattleya walkeriana albescens

    That is stunning. I love it too. 😍 Susan
  2. luvsorchids

    "Ugliest" Orchid in the World

    I personally like the oddballs. :) Susan
  3. luvsorchids

    Cattleya maxima first bloom seedling.

    And the lip is stunning. Susan
  4. luvsorchids

    How to get rid of gogle ad pop ups

    I use Adblock plus and helps a lot. Download Adblock Plus Susan
  5. luvsorchids

    looking for Angraecum urischianum

    You might try contacting Botanica Ltd. I don't see urischianum currently on their website, but they specialize in Angraecoids and have nice plants. Susan
  6. luvsorchids

    Paphiopedilum farrieanum

    Love these. My favorite Paph. species. 😍 Susan
  7. luvsorchids

    Paph. sukhakulii gone wrong

    Never seen anything like that before. Nature does sometimes make mistakes. I think it is kind of neat, though. Susan
  8. luvsorchids

    Epi kockii

    Not one I've seen before. Very cool. 😍 Susan
  9. luvsorchids

    Eurychone Rothschildiana

    I would agree not that hard to grow. Likes conditions similar to Phalaenopsis. Susan
  10. luvsorchids

    Eurychone Rothschildiana

    I have one also. Love the smell and so different and interesting. Yours is beautiful! 🤩 Susan
  11. luvsorchids

    Bulbophyllum fascinator ('Dark' x self)

    Love this species. 🥰 Susan
  12. luvsorchids

    Vanda Sansai Blue ‘Acker’s Pride’ FCC/AOS

    Gorgeous color. 😍 Susan
  13. luvsorchids

    Bulbophyllum dayanum

    The first thing I thought of was Little Shop of Horrors-FEED ME! :D I also find it very cool and endearing at the same time. 🥰 Susan
  14. luvsorchids

    Dendrochilum filiforme

    Yes, I have seen them do that, but it is still a fair amount of work. Susan
  15. luvsorchids

    Dendrochilum filiforme

    😍 Amazing! I wouldn't want to be the one counting the # of flowers for the award. o_O Susan
  16. luvsorchids

    Bulbuphyllum hamelinii

    I think it is beautiful :D. I personally find the stinkers and their methods of pollination more interesting than those with the sweet, pleasant fragrance. Susan
  17. luvsorchids

    Dendrobium officinale

    That is quite a show-beautiful!🥰 Susan
  18. luvsorchids

    Cattleya warneri coerulea

    Really beautiful! One is better than none. ;) Susan
  19. luvsorchids

    Bulbophyllum wendlandianum

    That is really beautiful! :)
  20. luvsorchids

    How serious is finding tiny snails in your plants?

    I agree with Bob. I had a friend trying to purchase it and couldn't in the U.S. On the other hand, I did somewhat recently see a small article in the AOS bulletin that says these snails are attracted to the yellow sticky insect paper and stick to it. I don't have any personal experience with...