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  1. kcgrows

    Hello from Jersey City!

    Hi, Thanks for all of the comments. Have the fans, hygrometers, and weatherstripping. Also have a light meter. The paphs are about 12 inches from the T5s and so that is about 300-500 footcandles depending on how tall the pot is, which I think is pretty good. I just received a new Rudsta for my...
  2. kcgrows

    Rock Wool + LECA

    I have the "Modern Moisture Retentive Mix" from Orchids Limited that contains rockwool mixed with coarse large perlite. Would the perlite work the same way as the LECA to provide some aeration? I want to move all of my paphs to this mix once they quit blooming so that I don't have to think about...
  3. kcgrows

    Hello from Jersey City!

    Hi everyone, have been lurking on here for a few weeks but I finally found some extra time today and decided to introduce myself. As you can tell from my profile picture, I am a hoya collector, but recently acquired a few paphs and phals and I'm obsessed! What's interesting is that a lot of the...