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  1. HorstP

    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum

    Sometimes you have to be a little more patient. All the more annoying if you then damage the flower a little. But this does not detract from the overall appearance. Very nice photo. Greetings Horst
  2. HorstP

    Paphiopedilum dayanum, sukhakulii and barbatum

    Thank you very much for your comments and advice. I too am not sure if it is a Paph. barbatum, although I had purchased it as a Paph. barbatum from a specialized company.
  3. HorstP

    Paphiopedilum dayanum, sukhakulii and barbatum

    A warm hello to all orchid lovers. Besides many hybrids, the following Paphiopedilum wild forms are blooming at the moment, which I would like to present here today. On the one hand this is Paph. dayanum which blooms for the first time. The Paph. sukhakulii blooms for the second time, as well as...
  4. HorstP

    Phrag. Schroederae

    Top photo and plant
  5. HorstP

    Gloria Naugle

    A spectacular color. Super beautiful
  6. HorstP

    There are currently blooming...

    Hello Justin, because of the color I like your Paph. fairrieanum better. Also that it produces two flowers on the inflorescens. With me it is the other way around. There Paph. Hanna Cramer has two flowers on one inflorescens.
  7. HorstP

    Paphiopedilum helenae from Wenqing

    Interesting plant with a beautiful color. 👍
  8. HorstP

    Paphiopedilum fairrieanum

    Very beautiful and strong coloration of the dorsal sepal. Mine is unfortunately a bit paler. :mad:
  9. HorstP

    Rosy Dawn a cross of (Paph. Astarte x Paph. Gwen Hannen)

    Unfortunately, I can not detect any fragrance in my flower. ☹
  10. HorstP

    Paphiopedilum wenshanense ‘Trench Wars’

    This is a very beautiful flower with very interesting foliage
  11. HorstP

    There are currently blooming...

    Thank you for your comments. Due to the proximity to a large orchid farm that cultivates complex hybrids on 10000 m², my first Paphiopediles were exclusively hybrids. In the meantime I collect only horticulturally cultivated wild forms, primarily from the section Barbata and Paphiopedilum.
  12. HorstP

    There are currently blooming...

    I would like to introduce you to a few of my currently flowering Paphiopediles. First is Paph. Hanna Cramer (Paph. Nathaniel's Clarity x fairrianum), further Paph. venustum, Paph. javanicum var. virens and Paph. fairrieanum.
  13. HorstP

    Rosy Dawn a cross of (Paph. Astarte x Paph. Gwen Hannen)

    Thank you for your kind comments
  14. HorstP

    Rosy Dawn a cross of (Paph. Astarte x Paph. Gwen Hannen)

    At the moment I have nine paphiopediles in flower. One of them is the older hybrid Rosy Down which I would like to present here.
  15. HorstP

    Paph. Hung Shen Wild Cat (P. bellatulum x P. anitum)

    An interesting flower and a beautiful color.
  16. HorstP

    Hello from Germany

    A big thank you to everyone for the nice welcome to the forum.
  17. HorstP

    Hello from Germany

    Ich freue mich, hier im Forum zu sein und über Paphiopedilum Orchideen zu berichten. Ich kultiviere derzeit 35 Paphs (Komplexe Hybriden, andere alte Hybriden aber auch Nachkommen von Wildformen) ausschließlich unter künstlichem Licht. Ich entschuldige mich bereits für mein schlechtes Englisch...