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  1. JLOG

    Paph. rothschildianum (’Giant Wings’ GM/WOC x ‘X-Hot’ SSM/JOGA)

    sure next time it's bigger it will be a great roth. Has potential to be amazing. I have one of this cross from Sam Tsui, but not bloom yet, hope the next year if I’m lucky like you.
  2. JLOG

    Paphiopedilum hangianum ‘First Class’

    This time seems you can do it! And very well! Cross my fingers, those seeds deserves to grow
  3. JLOG

    Paphiopedilum hangianum ‘First Class’

    Amazing hangianum Leslie!! I didn’t see this file, but it is impressive. Four new growths means a great culture. What about the seedlings?? Is working on??
  4. JLOG

    Phrag. kovachii ‘Grande’ x self

    Well done!! Congrats. Love this one
  5. JLOG

    Paph. St. Swithin

    Probably this is the best St Swithin I never seen, so big, and numbers of flowers. Congrats!!
  6. JLOG


    I only have two tips for bellatulum if can help you, 1- don’t fertilice too much. Thats other reason to leave the fern grow up, I think the fern eat a part of food and let less salts in the pot. 2-let in the same pot for some years without transplanting. The last ( and the first ) transplanting...
  7. JLOG

    Greetings from South Africa!

    Welcome from Spain Amber!
  8. JLOG

    P.godefroyae v. ang-thong X rothschildianum

    Wow, I love it!!
  9. JLOG


    Hi all! I wanna to share with you my bellatulum. I think he likes the fern so I let them grow like friends.
  10. JLOG

    Paphiopedilum micranthum blooming in their habitat.

    Thanks for sharing! It’s amazing to see they in their habitat
  11. JLOG

    Phrag. Wössner Rosenglanz

    Today I took a pic, I think is fully open, I bought from Ecuagenera few weeks ago. Wössner Rosenglanz is a cross between P. kovachii and P. caricinum
  12. JLOG

    Paphiopedilum canhii

    Love this. Very impressive colors and contrast. The staminoide blow my mind😱
  13. JLOG

    A few phrags in bloom

    Very impressive all of them!! Congrats. I really like them
  14. JLOG

    Fritz Schomburg Here it is all the info
  15. JLOG

    Not too much people can be the lucky to have a species plant with his name, congrats Mr Canh!! And also a very beutiful Paph is P. Canhii.
  16. JLOG

    Paph. collosum var.subleave

    Very dark purple! Stunning colors
  17. JLOG

    Rothschildianum bud

    Excellent parents, love roths with white background dorsal and intense red pouch, both of them get this so your roth Dodidoki will be a winner for sure
  18. JLOG


    Congrats!! Thanks to share the plants and your nice culture! I’m with Guru, this emersonii is very beautiful one
  19. JLOG

    Paph micranthum ‘Reagan Lynn’

    Lovely both of them!!
  20. JLOG

    Paphiopedilum malipoense

    It’s really big!!! This is the first flowering?? Look so nice!