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  1. shakkai

    Dendrobium tetragonum var. giganteum

    Beautiful close-up! I love these Dens and their pendant growth habit. So very cool.
  2. shakkai

    Paph Psyche

    So pretty! And it looks like a very nicely grown plant - congrats!
  3. shakkai

    Masdevallia buccelata

    What a fantastic plant! Great growing!
  4. shakkai

    Paph. bellatulum 'Milk Chocolate Chip'

  5. shakkai

    Paph Black Diamond album

    That is lovely! Thanks for posting it (and making me want one!!) :D
  6. shakkai

    Paph druryi

    Thanks so much for the tips! I hope to see mine bloom in the next couple of years!
  7. shakkai

    Paphiopedilum sangii

    Thanks for the information! This is one of three species that I plan to add this year. I hope I am as successful as you have been growing it!
  8. shakkai

    Paph Cam's Cloud

    Thanks again, everyone! It did well at the judging table at my local society meeting this past Saturday. Hopefully I can get multiple growths on it in the next couple of years. But its definitely a keeper for me.
  9. shakkai

    Paph Cam's Cloud

    I think the cool winter, followed by increased light the past couple months triggered the bloom. Other than that, nothing has changed in my routine care. But we had a much colder winter than we've had in a number of years. My other crosses are smaller than this, so I've probably got another...
  10. shakkai

    cypripedium Sabine

    Not too much longer now! Beautiful plants!
  11. shakkai

    Paph druryi

    That's a beauty! I've got two seedlings, and I can't wait to see mine bloom. How big is your plant? Any special hints or tips? :)
  12. shakkai

    Cypripedium Emil

    Great addition! Can't wait until you post photos of the blooms!!
  13. shakkai

    Paphiopedilum sangii

    That is really nice! I think this one needs to go on my list to get... Could you give some hints on culture?
  14. shakkai

    paphiopedilum vietnamense

    So beautiful! I love seeing the bloom progress like this - thanks for posting photos so that we can share in your anticipation!
  15. shakkai

    Paph Cam's Cloud

    Thanks everyone! Now, if I can get the other Brachy x Parvi seedlings to flower... ;)
  16. shakkai

    Paph Cam's Cloud

    Its bellatulum x emersonii.
  17. shakkai

    Paph Cam's Cloud

    This is a first time flowering on a small single growth plant. I am pleased with the flower size - NS is approx. 9.5 cm (LS is 16 cm). The flower opened yesterday, so hopefully it will flatten out some more.
  18. shakkai

    helenae & hermannii

    This is a great discussion - thanks, Rose, for starting this off. I got a hermanii back in February and I'm really looking forward to seeing its flowers.
  19. shakkai

    Paph. Mietenkam (niveum x gardeneri)

    Very nice flowers! Definitely worth the wait! Such nice clear striping. I hope you get to see the others flower sometime soon!!
  20. shakkai

    London Orchid Show

    I guess I just like weird flowers! Ramón, yes, it was Kopf! They said to email them for a list of Paphs which they are currently working on - they might have my coccineum! Theresa, there were some complex Paphs, but surprisingly not that many away from Ratcliffe's stand. The majority...