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  1. WolfDog1 (C. Williams)

    3 Photos of some of my bloomers

    Indeed the Don Egger is very nice. Craig
  2. WolfDog1 (C. Williams)

    paph purpuratum

    The one I got from Ernie is growing up nicely and the bud is getting better. I'll try to remember to post a picture when it blooms. Nice. Craig
  3. WolfDog1 (C. Williams)

    Paph. awarded

    Very nice Congratulations! Craig
  4. WolfDog1 (C. Williams)

    Paph. Ron Williamson and P. niveum

    Stunning Craig
  5. WolfDog1 (C. Williams)

    paphiopedilum fowliei forma christianae

    Those are very nice. Craig
  6. WolfDog1 (C. Williams)

    Back on bud watch.

    WOO HOO! Maybe I need to go on vacation too! Craig
  7. WolfDog1 (C. Williams)

    Paph tigrinum

    Lovely! If I could do something other than kill these! Bravo! Craig
  8. WolfDog1 (C. Williams)

    Paph Sioux 'Bluejay' HCC/AOS

    Nice, as always. Craig
  9. WolfDog1 (C. Williams)

    Paph fairrieanum in bloom

    I find them rather challenging to grow. Best of luck to you! I love them too. Craig
  10. WolfDog1 (C. Williams)

    Paph ([Brandon Alexander x henryanum] x Doll's Kobold)

    Reminds me a lot of the Doll's Kobold parent. Cute too. Craig
  11. WolfDog1 (C. Williams)

    Paph. wardii with 3 lips

    Very strange and interesting. Craig
  12. WolfDog1 (C. Williams)

    Paph. barbigerum alba

    LOL @ Eric. Nice plant! Craig
  13. WolfDog1 (C. Williams)

    Paphiopedilum Rosy Dawn

    Nice! I wish my kitchen would produce such plants! Craig
  14. WolfDog1 (C. Williams)

    Paph boxallii

    I agree with all the above as well. Looks like a better than typical paph (now or again) affine to me. Craig
  15. WolfDog1 (C. Williams)

    catching up..

    I want your growing area! SWEET! Craig
  16. WolfDog1 (C. Williams)

    Paph Memnon "Leela" HCC/AOS

    The flat dorsal makes this take on an entirely different look. Very nice indeed. Craig
  17. WolfDog1 (C. Williams)

    Paph Memnon 'The Mullet'

    Very interesting look. Craig
  18. WolfDog1 (C. Williams)

    Paph. tranlienianum "flat dorsal"

    Very interesting. Craig