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  1. aquacorps

    Is OZ still in Business?

    Good luck Ken!!! I want a division of Paph.Halo. Russell
  2. aquacorps

    Borscht for Dinner

    How is Polish food Russian? :poke:
  3. aquacorps

    Kimchee or ick-ee?

    I make it a few times a year. I cut up the napa cabbage in to 2" pieces. salt 2.25% by weight of cabbage. I also add some garlic, carrots and onion. add Korean chili powder, 14 cup or so of fish sauce. mash the mix down till it releases moisture. I add little water to cover if necessary. let it...
  4. aquacorps

    Marriott Orchids

    Call his cell. He is using one of my plants in breeding. Great guy and Wake grad.
  5. aquacorps

    Japan Orchid Awards Help

  6. aquacorps

    Japan Orchid Awards Help

    Paph Russ Palmer or Paph Russell Palmer was named in my honor. I understand it's been awarded a number of times in Japan. Can anyone post the awards info? (I no longer have Orchidwiz or any plants). Thanks rusty
  7. aquacorps

    Southeast Pennsylvania Orchid Show (4/1 - 4/3))

    A gun show and an orchid show at the same location. Too good to be true.
  8. aquacorps

    Rainy day at Orchid Zone, didnt stop us!

    I have been there a number of times. One of my favorite places on earth. Did you see the Masd.? Dinner down the road at the Whole Enchelada makes a perfect day.
  9. aquacorps

    New roth from POE

    Yes, Terry sold us a flat of the cross a while back which we split. When I got out of growing I sold them. Also gave him 25 of a cross I got from Norito. He probably has 500+ Roths. I doubt any of them will ever make it to judging, as he has better things to do.
  10. aquacorps

    New roth from POE

    I had 50 Mighty X Red Baron that I sold to paphioland. Hope he got a few good ones.
  11. aquacorps

    Tokyo Orchid Dome - A few photos.

    More pics.
  12. aquacorps

    Whats up with Ten Shin?

    Bob, You are addicted. Go to a AOS meeting in Cali like I did and you will be cured.
  13. aquacorps

    OZ Holiday Paph + 1 kovachii

    No Paph Russ Palmer? My favorite complex.
  14. aquacorps

    updated roth 'giant wings x black star'

    Why did you post it? Nothing special. Where are the Mighty X Red Baron?
  15. aquacorps

    Monster Cypripedium in my front garden

    Are you on the escarpment? (hope I spelled it right). My X-wife had family in St Cath. I miss N-O-T-L
  16. aquacorps

    OZ video

    I guess the new owner has different terms and wants to avoid small shipments. (I usually would take my purchases with me).
  17. aquacorps

    OZ video

    Eric, where did you get the $5000 number? Terry never made me spend that much on any of my trips. Nortio took me the first time, and I will be forever grateful. Terry and Sam are two of the nicest people you could ever meet. You should see the besseas bloom in January by the 1000s.
  18. aquacorps

    Montreal Orchidphiles Show 2015

    I doubt Eric can get in trouble, unless he tries to bring plants back. Montreal is a fun place.
  19. aquacorps

    Tokyo Orchid Nursery Roths

    Paphioland is a special place.