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  1. Anderland

    Cattleya trianae pelorica flamea ‘Panda’

    A beauty! I realize that the horizontal angle of the petals is quite much different from the Wakayama sample picture. Is that mainly baecause of growing conditions? Tks.
  2. Anderland

    Cattleya trianae semialba flamea ‘Kathleen’

    Wow, now I can see a clear, bright future for my hope.
  3. Anderland

    Cattleya trianae semialba flamea ‘Kathleen’

    Thanks for your additional info. Congratulations! Growing orchids and get a lot of flowers alway a great pleasure! I like this plant so much and have just won the 2nd position on eBay auction just last week. I was happy with most of the second positions in my life but on eBay, it’s very...
  4. Anderland

    Cattleya trianae semialba flamea ‘Kathleen’

    Any update for the new pics in 2022, 2023 Dr Leslie Ee? Tks