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    Bulbophyllum kubahense

    If I can get them all to grow well, I'll have a lot of extras ...
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    Bulbophyllum kubahense

    Funny this should show up today. These are about a year out of flask.Growing pretty well in the compots. Afraid to repot them. Don't want to lose any. I have been researching and searching the web but not a lot of info out there. How do others grow these?
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    Paph canhii

    They are if you purchase them from Hengduan Biotech. You can even get copies of the CITEs from China.
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    I bought several and had them delivered to a show. The plants were extremely small. The flasks were shaken pretty bad. I had to deflask everything immediately. Nothing survived. I have purchased over 100 flasks in the last three years. I have lost almost none. I get all my phrag flasks from...
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    Paph canhii

    you will notice two have some sphagnum on top. They really don't like this. I tried several things. Fine bark & rock & perlite seems to give the best result (50%, 25%, 25%).
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    Paph myanmaricum

    and yet vietnamense is now legal.
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    Paph myanmaricum

    Someone needs to work with DFG to get permission to breed confiscated plants. That's what Antec labs did back in the day to get vietnamense legal. I think this was also done for several other new species.
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    Paph myanmaricum

    illegal in the US. eBay stuff is some guys in Thailand. Lot of illegal stuff on eBay.
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    Paphiopedilum Sanderianum

    Wow, nice! I have one of those and judging by the size of yours, I have a long wait ahead of me ...
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    Quality large grade Perlite

    Lot of places on amazon which have really large perlite. For medium (1/4 - 5/16") the only reliable place I've found is waldor orchids.
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    Cactus seeds?

    I bought some venus fly trap seeds. They grew into big cactus ... All of the hot peppers seeds I bought were not even peppers. I don't buy seeds except from established companies now.
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    Paph. insigne fma. sanderianum ???

    Have you ever seen 'hall's classic' FCC/AOS from 1996? These petals are thin. Although the FCC doesn't mean that it might not be correct either.
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    Paph rothschildianum

    roths are always worth keeping. Hard to get rid off even when you have to many. If it grows well for you and bloom regularly, the color and shaped are always fine!
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    Jungle collected plants

    Me too!!! Can't wait for the insignes to bloom. I also prefer the flowers as mother nature intended. Just hope I can keep them alive.
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    Jungle collected plants

    Just purchased three jungles collected paphs from an estate sale: spicerianum 'st albans', insigne sanderae 'halls classic' and insigne 'harefield hall'
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    A few new flowers

    charlesworthii fairrieanum coccinium spicerianum
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    Sophronitis cernua & brevipedunculata

    Wish I took the pictures when the flowers were younger.
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    Paph. Anitum x Randsii

    Both of mine passed away before they bloomed :(. Good luck with yours.
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    Paphiopedilum henryanum

    These grow like weeds for me. One of the few I can reliably bloom every year. I have noticed that the shape, size and color vary on the same plant every year. I've almost got rid of two because of the shape. The next year the shape was great, although the color wasn't as good. I would say this...
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    Phalaenopsis sanderiana

    Beautiful. I love these also. I just got a schilleriana. Can't wait for it to bloom.