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    Cattleya trianae amesiana ‘Anja’ and friends

    In my not so humble opinion beautiful is its own standard. This is beautiful!
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    Cymbidium Valerie Absolanova

    Tyler just for the record. At our center we don’t consider our students as lowly, you are in fact our future!
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    World Orchid Conference 2024 Taiwan

    Leslie You are dancing with the stars!
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    Lycaste Shonan Beat v. Alba

    Cal Orchid Santa Barbara Ca. (Jim and Larus Rose)
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    Lycaste Shonan Beat v. Alba

    To me these are pure elegance!
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    Wardian Case (Grand Cayman model) Advice

    Update teaser I’m thinking of cork bark slabs to hang some mounted plants on so have put a few in temporarily to gauge the effect while I work out humidity etc.
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    Wardian Case (Grand Cayman model) Advice

    Eric I have been thinking about your admonition. Can you say more about what led to the catastrophe? If its really an ugly story please feel free to PM.
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    SVO New Cattleya List with C. dowiana

    The SVO list is very extensive. I had a shopping list of 12 or so before came to my senses. Be warned!
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    Wardian Case (Grand Cayman model) Advice

    Interesting idea. I was a marine engineer (Maritime) and that’s the sort of Rube Goldberg scheme I tend to ponder as well. I.E. for the humidity issue I’m playing with trays of water, an air pump and aquarium air stones.
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    Wardian Case (Grand Cayman model) Advice

    Thats my plan at the moment. If I could figure out how to simply cool the tank I might try cooler growing species but not willing to A/C the whole garage.
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    Wardian Case (Grand Cayman model) Advice

    Thank Eric, The case has two 4 in muffin fans. I have one moving air down and the other up which seems to be giving air movement. The unit came with 3 two tube light fixtures which seems to add approximately 10 degrees. I am concerned about summer temps if I try anything other than tough...
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    Wardian Case (Grand Cayman model) Advice

    One of the many questions I get to ponder like what to grow then how to manage. Will start with ambients and track the range. The unit is in the garage which will see a wider range than in the house. We have warm summers and cooler winters. I’m currently thinking mounted intermediate species...
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    Wardian Case (Grand Cayman model) Advice

    Wardian case UPDATE it’s assembled now the fun begins
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    Red Cattleya, my first AOS award

    Very nice! Congratulations
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    Alan Koch at Gold Country Orchids has a nice bunch of Sarcs also.
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    Lyc. Corrimal x Lyc. Suave

    Yes! Darlene, a Slippertalk-non slipper forum- Lycaste sub cult emerges. Yellow-green w/yellow I’m gonna get me one too!
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    Cattleya labiata coerulea ‘Anja’

    WOW Irrespective of air you technical details that is a truly elegant flower!
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    Wardian Case (Grand Cayman model) Advice

    I was sure I sent this previously but can’t find my response on the thread so here is an in process photo. I have now cleaned everything up and found some little bits I needed. I should have it reassembled next week then to figure out what to put in it. Probably mostly mounted miniatures.
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    Darlene. It’s true, fear, threats and sometimes abandonment are great motivators. The red Sarcs are really beautiful resulting from years of intense selective line breeding of the foundation species (hartmanii and fitzgeraldi ) by Scott Barrie. Fred Clarke tweaked them even more.