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  1. gdupont

    Divide a Phrag?

    What media is it in? Hard to tell from the photos alone.
  2. gdupont

    Wanted Phrag dalessandroi "Verified" x sib

    Glenn at Piping Rock had Phrag dalessandroi "Verified" x sib for sale for quite a while, and I deeply wish I would've gotten one. They're super hard to find now. I love the shape, the extra yellow in the center, and the thin yellow strip around the dorsal sepal. Photo below, same one that used...
  3. gdupont

    Wanted Looking for Phrags and Paph Producers in Colombia or Latin America

    I was trying to spell out the email so they wouldnt get spam: [email protected]
  4. gdupont

    Wanted Paph violascens

    Looking for a Paphiopedilum violascens! Been looking for years. I'm in the US. If you have one available or know where I could get one, I'd love to hear! Feel free to DM me or post here. Thanks!
  5. gdupont

    Wanted Good Phrag. besseae

    Will heck Ecuagenera, thanks. Yes Marilyn is all out, I just emailed her yesterday!
  6. gdupont

    Wanted Good Phrag. besseae

    Just want to bump this thread, I'm looking for a good besseae, too. Doesn't need to be the round OZ breeding lines. If anyone has any leads (or divisions! 😄) I would be super interested. Thanks!!
  7. gdupont

    Two new Phrags with odd spots

    Hi all, I just want to double check that everything looks ok here. Many thanks for positive or negative input, need to keep my other plants safe. The first set of pics is from a kovachii hybrid from eBay, the plant looks extremely healthy, but there are these odd circular spots. Non-pathogen...
  8. gdupont

    Wanted Looking for Phrags and Paph Producers in Colombia or Latin America

    I had an email exchange with peruflora back in august using this email: contact at orchidsperuflora dot com
  9. gdupont

    New Paph. tigrinum, bad roots

    This is really helpful thanks so much! I read a few years back several posts about tigrinum liking it drier and chunky mix. This tigrinum though seems too small with too bad of roots to pull off a dry chunky mix, does that sound like the right logic? Also I don’t have bark or perlite, I’d...
  10. gdupont

    New Paph. tigrinum, bad roots

    I purchased a Paphiopedilum tigrinum off of eBay maybe a month ago. It's a multi-growth plant, one big old growth (very long leaves) that's dying back and two new growths that look to be maybe a year old. It came soaked and in a small pot, so I let it dry out and then checked the roots and...
  11. gdupont

    Paph. tigrinum 'Peanut' AM/AOS

    Was this from the batch around ~ April 2020, seedlings were $75 each, root systems were pretty unimpressive, I think shipped from... Hawaii? Wondering because I got one of those and it has been pretty quiet since I got it! Hasn't grown much. Yours is so lovely. Also what mix do you have it in...
  12. gdupont

    Paphiopedilum violascens

    Love this! Have read it's quite difficult! Mind sharing your experience?
  13. gdupont

    Visited Fair Orchids today!

    No sorry I repotted this when I got home! Kim had it in sphagnum for the top half and a fine bark + perlite mix in the bottom half. The cultivar is ("Aggie" x "Howard") This is actually my third Mexi. My other two Mexi I've had for years in small orchiata, they were super slow growing, and out...
  14. gdupont

    Visited Fair Orchids today!

    Just wanted to share that I had a super nice visit at Fair Orchids (USA - NJ) today! Kim has a great collection and was kind enough to give me a tour for an hour or two. He's a wealth of knowledge and has an excellent collection with some really special plants! I walked out with a coulple – a...
  15. gdupont

    Stagnant Phrag besseae?

    Thanks! My grow lights are yellow tinted, so I'm not sure the leaves are that yellow in reality. I can post an additional photo tomorrow. I definitely understand too few leaves though! The root system seems to be in fine shape, it has 5+ good roots and about 4-5 new root tips. I'll switch to a...
  16. gdupont

    Stagnant Phrag besseae?

    Thanks so much! I'll do that. Which aspect is the most disturbing to you? I feel like I don't totally know what besseae is "supposed to" look like.
  17. gdupont

    Stagnant Phrag besseae?

    If anyone has some analysis or input on these pictures and how the plant has changed that would be super helpful :)
  18. gdupont

    Stagnant Phrag besseae?

    And here's the plant today (first pic) along with a closeup of the new growth (second pic). I'm glad it's growing, and that it looks healthy and growing new roots. But I still don't know why 1) it doesn't have more leaves, and 2) it hasn't flowered since May 2022. It looks like the plant today...
  19. gdupont

    Stagnant Phrag besseae?

    My cultivar is from Orchids Ltd., it's ("Robert's first" x "Big kiss"). I have some photos back from when I got it (April 2022) and it bloomed (May 2022), my impression is it was a first-bloom seedling when I received it: A bit after I got it: Note that there are six leaves! As I mentioned...
  20. gdupont

    First time deflasking (Phrag pearcei)

    Hi all. I just deflasked some seedlings for the first time! The species is Phrag pearcei. A couple questions... Do these look... right? They seemed a little low on roots, and the roots weren't as white as I would expect, but I also don't know what to expect! Also, some were twisted weirdly so...