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    Orchids 2024

    Hi Justin does the old Tonkins , CE x B have a clone name?
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    Vietnam: A Visit with Mr Canh in Hanoi (2024)

    Thanks, Leslie, good to meet him and listen to his talk. Great pictures.
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    Hung Sheng Nursery Visit 2024

    Thanks Leslie, it was a pleasure to meet you at the WOC , great video and plants. We are in Toayaun ready to fly home tonight, the weather has turned cool.
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    A bit hard given they grow cool in the mountains, with elevations, hence the drop in temp at night time.
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    What is the best roth cross?

    Frank Smith in this post during Covid said below: Jordan Winter is Admiral x Mt Millias. With his stunning picture. Do you know what roth cross Admiral is? 30 March at 20:18 Hello Everyone! Since it’s not likely we’ll be able to exhibit our flowers any time soon, I thought I would try to...
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    Cattleya trianae (penta) flamea ‘Sorpresa’ AM/AOS

    Extremely attractive Dr Leslie, Congratulations well done.
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    Nice one. Good shape and colour.
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    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum x sib (Miles x Giant Wings GM/WOC

    I have a few roths and St Swithins that have Commander in the mix selfings. I guess originally from Radcliffe. I see your point about Nurseries using names of good quality plants in crosses in order to sell, when in fact they are anything but those named. And therefore the result is very...
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    Paph sanderianum 'Jungle Magic'

    Remember there are Sanderianuiums with more of a honey or brown pouch, and a less red pouch. See Cribs books, the in-situ photos show one or two with more of a brownish pouch. Yours looks like the real thing.
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    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum x sib (Miles x Giant Wings GM/WOC

    It is good to see some other wild-collected roths maybe in the mix. From what I have seen, shown here and available commericallty, the majority of roth line breeding to date has used the wild collected plants; Charles E, Borneo, Rex, Mt Mlllias, and Commander, with selfings of these 5 in the...
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    Are these leaves too yellow?

    That really is a bit dodgy, selling on other nursery flasks as your own and then not turning out to be correct, then as the truth begins to come out feigning anger.
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    Are these leaves too yellow?

    Very interesting, it shows the adage alive and well- let the buyer beware- we should consider our suppliers in that light. Also that renaming plants in some commercial establishments in order to sell batches of inferior plants, for higher prices for a more sort after illustrious pedigree...
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    Guessing Game: Part 2: Albums Buffet

    Not bad, enjoyed that. Cheers
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    Guessing Game: Part 2: Albums Buffet

    My guess are: 1 - Paph jackii 2- Paph sukhakulii 3- Paph vilosum is the one Paph leucochilum
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    Phrag. Eumelia Arias 'Red Dancers’ x kovachii 'Full Moon'

    Is that the real colour ? Does it change with natural light? Matured into a real beauty.
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    Paph. platyphyllum 'Super Clone x sib' first bloom

    Dr Tanaka's Paph page:
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    C. Earl 'Imperialis' FCC/AOS

    It shows how good and consistent genes from Slyvia Fry have been.
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    You be the judge

    Very true and interesting Frank, from an AOC perspective I have seen a fantastic Paph Harold Koopowitz on the show bench (The plants' owner was a Commerical grower) and when it was suggested to be put up for an award by judges it was rejected as being I quote "Too ostentatious". I believe on a...
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    Paphiopedilum Kolosand

    Great looking plant go for it. Put it up for judging.