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  1. FlaskandFlora

    Paph canhii

    Like Canh said, I find growing them hot in the summer and cold in the winter works. I’m a very heavy handed waterer and mine do quite well with summers in the 28-35°C range and winters as cold as 5°C. They get bright shade in the summer, then sit about a foot below some weak LED strips in the...
  2. FlaskandFlora


    It already exists! I had an opportunity to buy one recently, but it was $$$$
  3. FlaskandFlora


    Laos is so heavily forested that you can’t really access a lot of the country. In the last few years, Chinese developers have been clearing roads through some of those really remote areas and it’s opened up new parts of the country in places previously impassable.
  4. FlaskandFlora

    Paph. Colorkulii

    Really nice to see one with no deformities, no crippling, etc. Sukhakulii does some really awesome things as a parent!
  5. FlaskandFlora

    Time for Wössner Ministar

    I saw this little tiny flower sticking out from the grass (aka my small forest of Paph seedlings) this morning. Picking it up, I found two more flowers growing behind the shelf - all on a first bloom seedling! The color is great, I think it could definitely have better shape (Ross’s looks much...
  6. FlaskandFlora

    Fall Great Lakes events

    Oh I see. Well, pass my message on then 😂
  7. FlaskandFlora

    Fall Great Lakes events

    I also took a photo of your villosum while setting up my display 😜 - annamense is by far my favorite variety, and having lost mine recently I was happy to get to see one in full bloom. Amazing plant, thanks for bringing it to show!
  8. FlaskandFlora


    So this one must be daoense then? It's a seedling with select parents from Ching Hua, second time blooming.
  9. FlaskandFlora

    Phragmipedium Yelva Myre ‘Bloody Mary’ AM/AOS

    Still working on convincing mine to flower 🤦🏻‍♂️
  10. FlaskandFlora

    Cattleya eldorado (wallisii)

    Wanted to share this fun one with you all - Cattleya eldorado bloomed for me just in time for the Ohio Valley Orchid Festival a few weeks back and is still going strong into its 3rd week of flowering. I’ve heard this species is difficult to grow, but it seems to be doing quite well in warm, very...
  11. FlaskandFlora

    What is the largest Cattleya flower?

    The retiring grower I bought my hoop houses from had this MASSIVE 1940’s hybrid called Lc. Lily Pond (Pons? The tag was quite faded, it’s the white petaled one pictured here). The flowers were 11”, which I guess is what you should expect from a plant you’ve been growing for 65 years. I’ve seen...
  12. FlaskandFlora

    Trade for trade only

    I have a few thaianum left, though they probably need another year to bloom.
  13. FlaskandFlora

    Wanted BS Paph druryi (for $$$ or trade for my tigrinum)

    They'll bloom in a 2" pot. A 4" pot can house a nice plant, and you can get it to proper specimen size in a 6-8". My two breeder plants are both in 6" pots with about 10 growths each, and they have a lot of room to spare.
  14. FlaskandFlora

    Wanted BS Paph druryi (for $$$ or trade for my tigrinum)

    Hey Stephen, I’ve got some druryi. The biggest of the crop are the size of the parents when they first bloomed, so I’m expecting flowers on a dozen or so of them next spring. Message me and I’ll find you a nice one from the crop. One of the parents is pictured here. Also thanks for the...
  15. FlaskandFlora

    Cattleya trianaei splash

    HAHA! I love a good Cato reference. Maybe one day I'll finally go about changing my tags to trianae if I can find a show close enough while these are in bloom 😉
  16. FlaskandFlora

    Cattleya gaskelliana season begins

    Sam Tsui! Orchid Inn.
  17. FlaskandFlora

    Paph. Prince Edward of York

    Tom - I’ve got a sibling of your plant blooming as well. In my (very amateur) opinion, yours displays more like what I think of when I imagine this cross. Better keep it! 😂