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  1. Rockbend

    Paphiopedilum armeniacum - Here we go again

  2. Rockbend

    Paph. Chou-Yi Rookie

    My ~5 unbloomed ones from 2020 are still unbloomed.
  3. Rockbend

    Paph canhii

    KoolLog Thin layer of sphagnum Plant of your choice 40# fishing line or the attachment method of your choice to hold everything in place
  4. Rockbend

    Paph canhii

    I heard they used a thin layer of sphagnum moss to replicate the rocks they naturally grow on.
  5. Rockbend

    Paph canhii

    I have heard that some have had luck growing them with Kool-Logs.
  6. Rockbend

    Apopka event

    Darleen T. is also there. Orange table behind that has Alan Koch and Eric Cavin. Green t-shirt is Dave Sorokowsky.
  7. Rockbend

    Paphiopedilum wenshanense ‘Amur Leopard’

    Awesome! :D👍
  8. Rockbend

    Paphiopedilum wenshanense questions

    How bright is your light? All my wenshanense and wenshanense aurea have dark leaves, and I grow them < 1000 foot-candles.
  9. Rockbend

    Dick Wagner Trying again

    Your DW has great color! All of mine bloomed very pale and boring...
  10. Rockbend

    Mexipedium xerophyticum in a bonsai pot

    When I water, I use only water. I foliar feed 2-3 times a month in summer, and I use a tiny bit of slow release fertilizer in the pots. Regarding cnycharles comment above, I grow Mexipediums hot, humid, and bright!
  11. Rockbend

    Mexipedium xerophyticum in a bonsai pot

    I grow them in a bark/peat mix, in 3" pots, and water every 5-7 days. The big plant is in an 8" bulb pan with peat/gray rock mix and gets watered the same.
  12. Rockbend

    A Trio of Paphs

    Excellent thaianum!! You should get that judged - if that appeals to you, if possible - looks better than several awards I've seen!
  13. Rockbend

    Paphiopedilum barbatum var. nigritum (h.v. Pygmy race)

    FWIW - When I use those clips, I put the tips of the claws around the flower stem. If you look at the inside/base of the claws some clips have blocks, and others have a very narrow angle, that might pinch closed and cause problems?
  14. Rockbend

    Phalaenopsis (syn Doritis) pulcherrima var. marmorata

    Springwater has them, the dark magenta purple flowered type..
  15. Rockbend

    Doritis pulcherrilum ?

    FWIW - in my experience Dor./Phal. pulcherrima grows slightly drier than the typical Phal., and slightly brighter - almost 'Cattleya light'. In-situ photographs largely bear this out. YMMV :D
  16. Rockbend

    1st International Vanda and Slipper Orchid Symposium

    Krull Smith Orchids is just a few miles away and has all the Cattleyas you could want!
  17. Rockbend

    Disappointing. Should I be hopeful for the future?

    Did the plant get too dry while attempting to bloom? As mentioned above, the Brachy X multi hybrids are problematic and I agree with blooming it 1-2 times more to see what it does. Too much potential to not try again!
  18. Rockbend

    Magic Lantern

    MorandiWine - how cold is it at night currently at your location? I've always thought Magic Lanterns would have better color in cooler weather - not May/June in the Southeast. Yours is gorgeous!!
  19. Rockbend

    Mealy Bugs!

    Overhead spray to runoff into pots. 22oz/100gal
  20. Rockbend

    Mealy Bugs!

    Lady Bugs and Lacewings disperse rapidly in my experience, never to be seen again. I use Orthene 75WP and/or Talstar.