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    Cattleya purpurata

    As a Team Leader during the Honolulu Orchid Society merit judging at the recent Aiea Orchid Club show,can you tell me who was that judge participant in your group that was clearly not paying attention to the assignment on hand?
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    Wild collected Phrag Kovachii for sale is still the norm in Peru

    Question? Why knock negatively on 3rd world countries. It is people like you that fuels a frenzy on 'rarity orchids' that results in plundering. Then, too, Western civilization in the past decades were the very culprits stripping plants in these so-called Third World countries.
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    (Mostly) phrags on a rainy morning in Honolulu

    Ooo That Brassavola cordata is really a stunner. I seen it up close and personal!
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    Phrag. Laurie-Lei Quintal

    Such a beautiful blossom. Is that a LILY plant?