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  1. Orchideric

    Maxillaria swartziana

    This is Max dichaeoides for sure!!! The one listed on the SITF is mine....
  2. Orchideric

    Phragmipedium warszewiczianum var. wallisii

    Nicely done- One suggestion- Please drop the var. wallisii off the end of the name- This was used as a variety of caudatum prior to it being split to P. warszewiczianum, so the name refers to this now species and there is no need for the variety name any longer and is technically not...
  3. Orchideric

    Mexi on tree fern

    Mexipedium up should be grown more like a Paph in terms of dryer feet, but one thing that many miss is that they really hate air movement. i have a nice clump that has moved to the opposite side of the pot from where the air movement is coming from.
  4. Orchideric

    Dr. Guido J. Braem book on Phragmipedium.

    I have both books and feel it is worth having both. One thing to also remember is that these authors spend a huge amount of time and in many cases spend huge sums of their own money to publish these books for not large returns. We as orchid growers need to support these efforts by purchasing...