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    Hi, Is K-LITE available in the United Kingdom?thanks
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    Paph fertilizer

    Really sorry,my fault,thanks for pointing that out.
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    Paph fertilizer

    Hi, Could anyone recommend a orchid feed I can buy in the UK,or can give me any info on perhaps making up my own? I use a medium with bark,charcoal,perlite clay particles,thanks for any help!
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    Bulb. cocoinum 'Rainbow'

    Lovely plant and fantastic photo,do you mind me asking what equipment you use for the shot? Thanks
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    Rusty leaves

    Hi, some of my plants have what looks like a rust on the leaves,can anybody tell me what it is and how to cure it!!Thanks
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    finally: roth in situ

    Great pictures,I climbed Mt.Kinabalu a few years ago,truly beautiful place,did not see a Roth though!:(
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    orchid nurseries/guides in Hanoi

    Hi, Would anyone know of any nurseries,orchid trips/guides in Hanoi? Thanks in advance
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    Dend. cuthbertsonii

    I have two of these and did very well for two years then all of a sudden just died on me,and I can't think what I did to make this happen,I love these plants having seen them in the wild in PNG,but I will not buy another until I can find out what went wrong,so any advice would be much...
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    Paph. armeniacum

    Hi, what amazing plants:drool:, can I ask about medium etc,or would that be giving away secrets!! Thankyou
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    European nurseries

    Thanks everyone,really helpful advice,much appreciated, Regards
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    European nurseries

    Hi, could anybody suggest the best nurseries in europe for purchasing paph.species, thanks
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    Question to Mr. Braem

    Averyanov' photos of vietnamense in the wild staged? Can someone explain please!?
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    The rare stuff!

    Hi, I love your photo's,could I ask what camera you use and do you use any specific lighting set up? Thanks
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    Orchid Documentary

    Thanks for posting that Sirius! Great to see it again,love the narration about the stories of the plant hunters,think I must have born in the wrong century!
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    Orchid Documentary

    I saw it on channel 4 in the UK,it was called "To the ends of the Earth" I think,he travelled to PNG to try and find a new species to name after his gran
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    Orchid Documentary

    Hi, the guys name is Tom Hart-Dyke,he and a friend where taken hostage in central america while looking for orchids.have been trying to buy the dvd myself but can't find it anywhere!