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    Fragrant paphiopedilums

    Mario, at one time I had over 75 delenatii in my collection in the hopes of doing a display using only delenatii. This included the more common pink form as well as albas and dunkels. Scent did not seem to favor one variety over another so it seems that all varieties are capable of producing...
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    Iko Iko x Satchels Legend

    Stunning. It may be a bit too early but I suddenly have a taste for a lush pinot I've been saving.
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    Peek-A-Boo Vinnie the Venustum

    Leslie, lovely saturated color on this one. The second bud should open shortly. I have a venustum that routinely does this. It seems to know how to arrange itself without any issues. Two buds is not that rare but merely a sign that the plant is happy. Please post again when both are open. Jerry
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    Paphiopedilum henryanum ‘EggPlant’

    Leslie, you can see one of the parents by using the search option... search/Slippery's henryanum and member/Trithor. That's the year that the plant had 3 inflorescences each with 2 flowers. Some of my henryanums are just now coming into bud. I'm checking the larger seedlngs but nothing so far...
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    Paphiopedilum henryanum ‘EggPlant’

    Leslie, great color on this one. I have one with a very dark pouch as well (old post...'Slippery's henryanum' posted for me by Trithor) You will find that the color on the pouch will lighten a little as the pouch expands but will still be darker than most by far. I have been growing orchids for...
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    Wenshanense var. aureum blooming again

    Lovely, made my day. Thanks. Jerry
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    2019 paph family photo

    Very happy looking family. Jerry
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    Paph. henryanum var. album

    When you say "got a division" does that mean bought? Their website price is $1,000...rather steep for me. Jerry
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    Paphiopedilum tigrinum

    I don't think it's split....looks like there are two synsepals.
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    Lowii freak

    Kiwi, Tetraploids (4N plants) tend to produce flowers that are better colored and larger than normal, but the flipside is that they tend to grow at a slower rate than their normal counterparts. It seems to me that you just have a very vigorous plant which in my book is a good thing. Jerry
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    Chiu hua dancer 'kazoku' 2017

    Troy, I don't know whether you care about awards or not, but if you do I would take it in. Last year I took my first bloom seedling with one inflorescense (six flowers) in for judging and left with an FCC. Your plant is definitely awardable. Really nice. Jerry
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    Armeni White

    very elegant pair...beautiful.
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    charlies on the back wall

    What the hell is in your water there? Magnificent...all!
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    Paph. Franz Glanz

    Yummy...lemon sorbet. Beautiful flower, color, and shape. Lucky you. Jerry
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    Paph. delenatii

    Very nice clone with a nicely colored pouch, and super fragrant to boot. What more could you ask for? I have 75 of these and I find that most of them are fragrant. As far as smelling like roses, to my nose, the smell is more like that of sweet peas. Besides fragrance in roses seems to have...
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    Maudiae Paph

    SFLguy, Now I see what you are referring to as a keiki. Most probably a stolon, more common in parvis, especially armeniacum. Most phrag. besseae also produce stolons. And I have a paph. Makulii that consistently sends them up. Only problematic when it comes time to repot. Not your...
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    Maudiae Paph

    Very pretty. nice dorsal and interesting spotting on the petals. Jerry
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    Jerry's venustum

    So Jerry, whatever happened to Gary? We never hear from him anymore. Rick H Rick, I was wondering the same thing when I resurrected this post. When I last connected with Gary, he was sitting on his patio sipping a glass of sauvignon blanc and watching the kudu and giraffe feeding. He...
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    tri-floral delenatii vini

    very impressive trio...........jerry
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    Jerry's venustum

    Happypaphy, I purchased this plant as a young seedling and it bloomed the very first year. It has always been a good grower for me, often with two flowers per stem, and has even bloomed on one-leaf immature growths on several occasions. I currently grow it in straight orchiata mix...