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    What is that smell?

    Which stimulant would you suggest?
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    Petula's Sensation'Spreading Black' x Petulas Flame'LehuaContrats'

    I just purchased this Paph. It is almost open. Should I be fertilizing it now? Thanks in advance!
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    Growth Supplements

    Are there any other kelp products that anyone has had success with?
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    Growth Supplements

    Thanks, all. I agree that good cultivation is key. I think I will try Kelp Max. I do not have that many plants to easily do a comparative growth study, but it is worth a try. (I grow mostly Phals. Dendrobiums, Cattleyas, and Oncidiums in an apartment with light stands and adjacent natural light.)
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    Growth Supplements

    What are the results that people have had with Megathrive and the Quantum additives? Are they ever used together?