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    Paph. bellatulum (Favorlang Zebra x Spot)

    Our new blooming from the same sibling
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    Guess the bud-game

    Paph. sangii
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    Paph. glaucophyllum

    my new toys
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    callosum and lawrenceanum

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    Charming Color

    William Ambler × emersonii:rollhappy:
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    Big Spot

    wenshanense sib
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    Charming Color

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    Paph. (stonei × anitum)

    Full Blooming
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    Paph. (moquetteanum × tigrinum)

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    Paph. (stonei × anitum)

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    Paph. Para (Edithae,Dora Crawshaw,Dora)

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    Paph. haynadianum

    One elegance species
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    Cochlopetalum Picture Frame

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    goose egg

    Armeni White and some delenatii's hybirds were very common. I know their differences. So. I'm sure ;)
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    guessing game

    plant can explain some things
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    guessing game

    nice explanation:clap: thanks
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    guessing game

    Creative :clap:
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    guessing game

    Like the Barry and wey say. Answer is fairrianum × emersonii. I knew the result well be questioned by many people. But it is Ask God :rollhappy:
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    goose egg

    Armeni White Is a big guy
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    guessing game

    F1 hybird