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  1. Ladyslipper2020

    Phrag. longifolium var. hincksianum

    Culture question of Phrag Longifolium var. hartwegii Hi folks sorry if I'm in the wrong "thread" but couldn't (quickly) see how to introduce a new question. I'll do better next time. I just bought my first Phrag Longifolium var. hartwegii and I am not sure if I should grow it a bit wetter...
  2. Ladyslipper2020

    Phrag w Besseae in water

    Hi folks, I have finally given in and started to stand my Besse's in water instead of trying to make time to water them like they should be watered (alot) but here's my question. How much water should the pot be in the container that the pot is sitting in? My guess is not alot, just a bit on the...
  3. Ladyslipper2020

    Phrag. Eric Young

    Beautiful Eric Young! Hi Jo, thats a nice bloom you got going on!:clap:
  4. Ladyslipper2020

    Episcia Growers?

    Hi, are there any Episcia growers on this board who live in Canada? I would like to perhaps trade growing information etc? Regards, m
  5. Ladyslipper2020

    phrag artical in AOS magazine?

    Hi guys, somewhere along the line i read that someone had read either a whole issue or an article on Phrags that was really good. Does anyone know this issue? Can a non member of AOS buy select back issues? Now for the question of the day: I grow in an almost postage size area so articles...
  6. Ladyslipper2020

    Size of Phrag. Patty Wak

    Phrag Patty Whak Hi Leo, thanks for the info. Here's another question i forgot to write about when I posted the Patty Whak question. I am trying to remember what hybrid of Phrag. Hanne Papow doesn't try to crawl out of the pot when it matures. Does anyone know? thanks, m:chick::chick:
  7. Ladyslipper2020

    Size of Phrag. Patty Wak

    Hi, would anyone tell me if the Phrag. Patty Whak Cross: (longifolium hincksianum x Robert Palm 'Roberto' AM/AOS) gets real big or is it more compact. I have my suspicions about the influence of the longifolium but i am not sure. thanks, m:D
  8. Ladyslipper2020

    Determining direction w Compas

    Hi guys, this might seem like an odd question, but I don't know whether to use Magnetic North or True North to determine whether I am facing NE or East? Any thoughts? Kindest Regards, m
  9. Ladyslipper2020

    For Sale - warm growing Cymbidium

    Hi all, the Foothills Orchid Soc. had their annual auction last night (I always have a really great time!). Well, I had such a good time last night that I bought a Cymbidium (Golden Elf X Gyokuchim) on an impluse. In the clear light of morning (well afternoon) I have decided to sell if...
  10. Ladyslipper2020

    12th International Slipper Orchid Symposium - Photos

    That sound you heard was my heart breaking! Beautiful home, amazing plants! regards, :sob: