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    2013 Paph Forum

    Eric it will be great to see you there.
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    Paph tigrinum 'Windy Hill'

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    New member, form Peru

    Hola y bienvenido desde Washington DC!
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    BEST long fiber NZ sphagnum?

    Heather, Orchids Ltd has the best sphagnum moss I got so far (about $25). I believe New World offers also long fiber moss, but I have not purchase from them. Good luck Augusto
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    Paph. China Moon

    Nice flower Ramon. Did you get it at the WOC in Miami? I remember you and your flashlight trying to find the best one of the bunch :)
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    So he is going the the D.C. Paph Forum?

    I believe this is the venustum that was awarded Enjoy
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    Paph. Fanaticum 'Green Goblin' AM

    Congratulations Ramon! Great picture too
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    Happy holiday

    Feliz Navidad!
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    Happy Birthday Ramon!!!! (rdlsreno)

    Happy Birthday Ramon!
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    Photos: Visit to Ching Hua Orchids, home of the 'Hsinying' series

    Thanks for posting these pictures!
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    Good news and bad news

    Ramon, First CONGRATS!!!! I hope you feel better soon :) Augusto
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    Phrag Joan Montmorency

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    13th National Slipper Symposium

    I would love to go. I will see how the finances are in the next months to finally commit
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    Sepos '10

    I should be there on Saturday
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    Is anyone going to the NCOS Paph Forum in DC?

    Eric Maybe he is coming and the issue is that they cannot send plants? NCOS has not announced any changes to the agenda. We'll see
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    Is anyone going to the NCOS Paph Forum in DC?

    Great guys, see you there then.
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    Is anyone going to the NCOS Paph Forum in DC?

    Hi, I have not posted anything in a long time... Is anyone going to the Paph Forum on 2/13? It would be a good chance to meet with some other SlipperTalkers. Cheers, Augusto
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    Paphiopedilum emersonii

    Amazing!!! Nice picture as well. Congrats