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  1. adiaphane

    Paph armeni white x roth 2018

    I *love* this one. The vendor with the parishiis also had them last year and they don't look much better than the ones from last year.
  2. adiaphane

    Total steal of a deal

    I saw this earlier and it seems like a crazy price!
  3. adiaphane

    Sangii in bud /better pics/

    How are you growing yours? Mine is sulking and dropped some leaves :(
  4. adiaphane

    Paph armeniacum

    Such a rich color
  5. adiaphane

    Paphiopedilum Mint Chocolate ( malipoense x godefroyae )

    Lovely! I want one like this!
  6. adiaphane

    In bloom

    Phalaenopsis hieroglyphica first bloom with two spikes. I love the patterning and fuzzy lips on this one.
  7. adiaphane

    In bloom

    Tanner, I don't have any tips as the plant was new to me. It's maturing its other growth and has put up a new one currently. I keep in bright shade, and plenty of water. All my orchids get plenty of air movement because my grow area gets warm. My temps on average is 55-85, but usually 60-80 F...
  8. adiaphane


    Can hardly wait for it to fully open!
  9. adiaphane


    Gorgeous plant!
  10. adiaphane

    Peruflora's Cirila Alca

    Love the pouch!
  11. adiaphane

    In bloom

    I couldn't resist buying this last weekend. Dracula ubangina. I recently started getting into catasetums and my indoor growing environment seems perfect for them. I love how this Clowesia Rebecca Northen 'Mikabi' bloomed out this year. The flowers opened up beautifully. I also bought...
  12. adiaphane

    Tricopillia fragrans

    Lovely! I'm a sucker for green and white flowers.
  13. adiaphane


    Lovely coloring on this.
  14. adiaphane

    Paph philippinense alba x dianthum alba

    What a gorgeous plant! I think the coloring makes it look very elegant.
  15. adiaphane

    Paph hainanense

    I love the patterns on the leaves so much.
  16. adiaphane

    Paph rothschildianum

    Lovely dark coloring.
  17. adiaphane

    Micranthum v eburneum

    I think it's beautiful.
  18. adiaphane

    Trichopilia suavis

    Wow, what a beauty! Now I'm off to see if I can obtain one.
  19. adiaphane

    miniature fairrieanum, 'Raspberry Web' (x self)

    Love fairrieanum.
  20. adiaphane

    Paphiopedilum dianthum

    I really love both dianthum and parishii.