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    Red Mite suspected?

    Please visit>>>resources>>>key word "mite">>>MoA for Mites poster March 2012 you have to choose and alternate the chemical by MoA as possible because each country have different regulation and product in the market. DavidCampen opinion is very useful information, read...
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    Kohinor Insecticide

    data from>>>Mode of Action>>>Publications>>>MoA classification Group 4 Nicotinic AcetylCholine receptor(nAChR) agonist (nerve action) 4A Neonicotinoids ..........sub group N-Nitroguanidines Clothianidin......................Dantosu...
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    Spider mites! Please help!

    in my country,Thailand. I made a recommended follow IRAC mode of action (MoA) recommendation (>>>resources>>>moa_mite poster) Group 12 Inhibitors of mitochondrial ATP synthase (growth regulator) 12B Fenbutatine oxide..........Torque 12C...
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    phytophthora seaweed: I'm didn't know you choose what formulation, concentration. in my home i recommend my grower DIY : water 60 liters mix seaweed soluble powder 20 kg.,separate in small amount agitate to good soluble,mix Nicspray 2 kg.(secondary-micronutrient), mix Nipasol-M 100...
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    Insecticide resistance management by Mode of action

    Roth,I'm totally agree with you.I'm involve in this business long time ago.I know it well. Confidor 10%SL first market cost 2,100 Baht/liter ($70/liter) assume 1$= 30 Baht Imidacloprid Local formulate 600 Baht/liter ($20/liter) Provado 70%WG 4,200 Baht/kg ($140/kg) China product...
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    Insecticide resistance management by Mode of action

    Insecticide resistance management Yes,it most useful, product from reliable company, trade name differ in my country.Please read Reference guide of each part carefully and follow the recommendation. the basic data from the same source "Resistance Action Committee" establish by 15 Leader...
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    phytophthora RICK, can you forward me, detail of Dr. Easterwood. For your information: last ten years, I'm set up a small business about fertilizer,secondary-micronutrient,sea weed,first I'm start with fertilizer manufacture in Canada, I found that Floricultura in Holland (orchid and...
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    Insecticide resistance management by Mode of action

    Upon the and recommendation in Orchid farm (both cut flower and pot plant) in Thailand.This inform you only due to difference in regulation, chemical, trade name, concentration, combination, formulation.All chemical declare in common name,the number is LD50 (the lower mean...
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    recommended website

    recommended website I'm live in Bangkok, Thailand. "Land of Smile"
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    phytophthora The data Pest and Diseases from Department of agriculture (DOA),Ministry of Agriculture for Dendrobium cut flower. Chemical data base on The Pesticide Manual by and Farm Chemical Handbook by Meister Publishing Company. Application method from our experience, more...
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    phytophthora Black rot, stem rot, root rot cause by fungi = Phytophthora palmivora, metalaxyl + fosetyl-Al alternate with dimethomorph is a smart choice, because dimethomorph show no cross resistant to metalaxyl a member of phenylamide group(benalaxyl, oxadixyl),but not Pythium spp...
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    recommended website

    recommended website Yes,I do. Normally I'm do one stop service free of charge,you only leave your problem and address, I'm will find a professional person to correct and let both of you contact directly,I'm only a messenger.
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    recommended website Insecticide,miticide,nematicide Fungicide, bactericide Herbicide Rodenticide
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    Merit for scale?

    Merit for scale Neonicotinoid insecticide (control thrips, mealy bug, scale, aphid, jassid, leaf hopper, plant hopper, white fly, leaf miner, bug) All chemicals in this class are systemic action,in the past classify by chemical group,after many years of use and study about resistant,now it...