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  1. katzenhai2

    pH and EC meter problem

    From everything I've read about pH electrodes the problem is as follows: Due to the low salt content in the water there is increased resistance between the two electrode measuring points. Therefore the measured pH value is too high than it actually is. The range is between 0.3 and up to 1 pH...
  2. katzenhai2

    pH and EC meter problem

    The drainage water has only 90 µS (with 30µS of my RO water). Unfortunately the pH value cannot be determined reliably with standard pH electrodes when using RO water. :(
  3. katzenhai2

    pH and EC meter problem

    Thank you both, Ray and Terry. 👍 I'm currently looking for digital pH-meters. What I have learned so far is that the probes last about a year with regular use and then need to be replaced. With irregular use and good care, up to 2 years. But they cost almost as much as a new device...
  4. katzenhai2

    Paph Season 2024

    May I ask why the leaves of most Paphs are so yellowish? First thought is that they get too much sun/light... I can see you also illuminate with LEDs. My Paphs are also quite yellowish, I always thought it was due to the substrate/fertilizer but they are also relatively close to the light...
  5. katzenhai2

    pH and EC meter problem

    What is the best way to test the pH value of substrate? Run water through it and test that or take some substrate, crush it and then test the water? Won't the pH be lower if I run more or less water through the pot? Or what would be more accurate: running water through the pot or immersing the...
  6. katzenhai2

    K-lite and CHC (Coconut Husk Chips)

    Hello, I use CHC (Coconut Husk Chips) as a substrate for my Paphiopedilum. As I know about the problem with potassium (K) accumulation I wanted to mix my own K-lite fertilizer. I live in Europe and it makes little economic sense to import it. I know about the discussion about CHC, whether good...