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  1. J

    2 kovachii's and cultural info at St. Louis show - Video

    Ok I can send you a copy of the newsletter via e-mail when it comes. (usually at the beginning of the month). Just remind me if I forget.
  2. J

    2 kovachii's and cultural info at St. Louis show - Video

    Thanks for the beautiful video of our show. I'm going to tell the newsletter editor to include a note about it in the next newsletter.
  3. J

    Phrag. Fox Valley Fireball 'Cinnamon Fire' AM/AOS

    Gorgeous - I just acquired a Barbara LeAnn. I hope its just as beautiful.
  4. J

    Some icepengwyn plants

    I just emailed you a request.
  5. J

    Paph Paradise

    Dave Sorokowsky from Paph Paradise is doing our speakers day this year and I'm curios if anyone has bought plants from him before. If so, how's the quality of the plants and the breeding? I'm mostly interested in his Phrags. In particular Phrag. Geielstein, Phrag. China Dragon, and Phrag...
  6. J

    Icepengwyn sad news

    E-bay page I just checked his e-bay page and there are no orchids listed. It's just trains and a book.
  7. J

    Jason Fischer (first bloom),

    Very pretty. I love the deep red color.
  8. J

    Paph. niveum

    I agree I love the Ruffles!
  9. J

    Geuss What Phrag This Is?

    For eteson older flower pic Here is an updated photo.
  10. J

    Geuss What Phrag This Is?

    mystery phrag Some interesting guesses. The Tag says it is Phrag. China Dragon (besseae (2N) x Grande 'Piping Rock (4N) ).
  11. J

    Geuss What Phrag This Is?

    Guess What Phrag This Is? Bought this Phrag at our spring show in spike. I don't think it is labeled correctly.
  12. J

    Orchid Society of Greater St. Louis Show & Sale

    The OSOGSTL annual show will be this weekend at the Missouri Botanical Gardens, in the Beaumont Room. The Show hours are Saturday February 4th 9AM to 5PM Sunday February 5th 9AM to 5PM The Orchid vendors attending will be: Bird's Botanicals, Hilltop...
  13. J

    Paph. niveum

    I like that! Pretty white flower on a attractively mottled plant.
  14. J

    Paph. lowii ?

    It kinda looks like lowii, but the coloration is too light and the petals are to horizontal. Maybe a natural cross with an alba?
  15. J

    Need a Cym for a gift - any vendor suggestions?

    You could also try Hatfield Orchids.
  16. J

    warscewiczianum x China Dragon

    Yes I did. E-mail or call her (she is very nice about checking to see what she has) To she if she has more.
  17. J

    Ebay gone mad

    Recent USPS deliver I recently bought a nice orchid from pupsi-dog off e-bay and it was shipped USPS 2day express and it got here in 2 days with the box perfectly intact. By the way the packaging job by pupsi-dog was first rate.
  18. J

    Ebay gone mad

    The plants that OZ (I assume abbreviation for the Orchid Zone) has on E-Bay are USPS shipped 2 day delivery and they are charging $25 for them.
  19. J

    warscewiczianum x China Dragon

    I have the same plant 2 growths - no spike yet.
  20. J

    Ebay gone mad

    Possible, but the Vendor I was looking at is well respected and running a bunch of auctions on his plants and the price of shipping went up from one week to the next. His plants regularly bring good prices because they are good plants.