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    the other ladies that day

    Beautiful, a delight to see and lovely photos
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    Japanese Spring Scenes - part I

    wonderful,thank you
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    Cremastra appendiculata fungal association

    This is very interesting as I have just obtained a couple of roots of this.Hopefully they will have sufficient of the fungi clinging to them. I grow Calypso bulbosa in a compost of my own making with just rotted pine needles and they grow quite well.
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    Wutach Gorge in Germany

    We have had a wonderful week in the Gargano in early April. The orchids were excellent as were lots more spring flowers. We flew to Rome and drove down,easily in a day, mostly on motorway. We stayed at Peschici in a hotel on the outskirts. A lot of people stay in Monte St. Angelo which is more...
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    Wutach Gorge in Germany

    We dislike crowds too and were not there for the festival. The Cyp arietinum had just faded and so we missed them but the C. pubescens were out in hundreds and there was a wonderful stand of C. reginae in a ditch just outside the town. We were just able to catch the last C. acaule in the...
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    Wutach Gorge in Germany

    Lovely picture of the calypso.We were at Tobermory a couple of years ago, too late for the calypso but spot on for cypripediums,calopogon,pogonia etc. As to your trip to Europe I think you are far too early for orchids in the north. We have seen the cypripedium in Switzerland at the beginning...
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    O. fuciflora? Surely not in flower now! Mine have only just made their overwintering rosettes.
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    New video: wild orchids in western China, Sichuan Province

    wonderful video,as usual. Thank you
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    Life of Calypso bulbosa var. americana in North

    Naoki mine are grown in an unheated greenhouse beneath the bench in full shade. I did pollinate them myself but there are lots of insects in and out as the door and vents are always open and so I do not know if it was my efforts or theirs that produced the seed.
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    Life of Calypso bulbosa var. americana in North

    I have been growing them for about five years. They have a precarious hold on life and I started with three which divided several times and got up to eight but now two have died in dormancy and I am back to six. The roots are almost non existent about an inch or so long and seem to be there...
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    Life of Calypso bulbosa var. americana in North

    I have seen these in flower in abundance in Oregon at Cave Junction on 1st July (raining torrentially at the time)and at several other places in Northern California around the same time of year. I grow var occidentalis here in the UK and it is always dormant from after flowering in April much...
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    Dactylorhiza purpurella

    This plant is slightly variable but those I have seen in the wild are the colour as shown on Great Lakes website. It grows quite locally to me. It is not warm growing (I cannot say it will be hardy in Alaska!!) and neither is it near me a bog plant although it is the Northern Marsh Orchid. I...
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    Typical summer scenes in the mountains of Kyushu, Japan

    Wonderful video,as are all your others.
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    Orchis and Ophrys

    Some more in flower now Orchis anatolica Orchis pauciflora Ophrys speculum Ophrys sp possible a spegodes
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    Orchis and Ophrys

    Ophrys spegodes from Greece
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    Orchis and Ophrys

    Yes I do know but you do have some wonderful terrestrials of your own which are equally hard to get over here.Life can be very frustrating.
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    Orchis and Ophrys

    A couple in flower at the moment Orchis papilionacea the butterfly orchid Orphys tendthredinithera
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    Changnienia amoena

    Berthold thank you similar to my mixture so I look forward to it flowering.
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    Changnienia amoena

    Berthold I had two ,one rotted but the other looks okay at the moment. What mixture are you growing yours in?
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    Orchis papilionacea

    Lovely,so far ahead of mine which are not even showing a flower shoot yet.