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    Phal. violacea var. Indigo 'Renji'

    Wow I love it! :)
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    Mommy dearest!

    Talking about Europeans being invasive made me remember a book I heard of recently. I believe it is called 1492 (or maybe 1493?) and it chronicles the changes to the Americas after the colonization by Europeans. Things you would never even think of had impact, like European earthworms (...
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    Mommy dearest!

    I have a different perspective than you do. The cats we introduced here are not native (and neither are the rats that came with the europeans) and while it may be "natural" for cats to hunt birds and vermin, this is not their natural environment, so the local native birds are not their natural...
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    How much are stable [attractive] pelorics worth?

    It seems I have read somewhere these are very valuable in Japan. Too bad you can't advertise the auction there.
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    Joke Of The Day

    Even the story of Noah and the flood predates the bible by thousands of yrs, occurring in several different pagan cultures before being "adopted" by the Jews, and then Christians....
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    Paph callosum 'Eric'x tigrinum 'Candor Caracal'

    WOW, really nice. I wonder if all the offspring of this cross turned out so nicely. Primary crosses are usually pretty consistent aren't they?
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    Japanese Yubari Canteloupes

    I looked them up on wiki, that does reflect a first of season price, but seems even the standard melons go for 50 to 100$ a piece!
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    Japanese Yubari Canteloupes

    Maybe its because its the first of the season. It seems I read about a similar astronomical price for the seasons first tuna in Japan, and the buyer was buying the bragging rights and free advertisement for his restaurant as well, and betting on good luck for the coming season.
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    Hello from Ohio

    Welcome from Columbus OH!
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    What a difference!

    It flourished under your care.
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    Paph Little Bright Eyes

    I like the "better" one quite a lot already. Its hard to find nice pinks in Complexes in my opinion, and the spots are a bonus. Maybe next time you should self it.
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    Slippertalk Judging & Awards Proposal

    Perhaps we could start with a hall of fame that is open for voting by all registered members , but once a plant gets enough votes, it can then be reviewed for 'blue ribbon status' or something as a second tier by a small group of more experienced members. That way we all can participate on...
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    What are you reading?

    I picked up a couple books by Sue Hubbell, and have been reading them. She has a very relaxed expository style of writing, and I think she would be an interesting person to know. The first was a quick read called "Shrinking the Cat" and addresses the modern concern of genetic modification by...
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    Happy Birthday Brian! (likespaphs)

    Happy Birthday B!
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    paph fairrieanum

    If the parents were both red but each carried the "masked" albino trait (masked meaning hidden by the "normal" red gene), it is possible the off spring could be alba. This assumes a simple single recessive gene is responsible for the alba trait.
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    Encyclia (Prosthechea) vittelina

    Is it used in any hybrids? It seems like crossing it to a laelia anceps (if it is possible) would give a good cross for cold tolerance and maybe make an easier plant to grow. Wasn't Ernie looking for cold tolerant plants for northern Fla?
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    Phrag. Olaf Gruss

    beautiful flower and photo!
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    Tigers, lions, bears shot after US zoo escape

    Ohio's last Gov, Strickland, had placed a temporary ban on the trade of exotic animals in Ohio before he left office. The new Gov, Kasick, (who I think is an idiot who caters to the elite 1%) let it expire, for what ever reason. Then he gets on the news and says "why didn't anyone address this...
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    Strange behaving Phragmipedium dalessandroi

    Dr Robert of our forum does chromosome counting I think.
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    Strange behaving Phragmipedium dalessandroi

    Could it have become a polyploid (4N) somehow?